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  1. Am I the only one excited about this fight?! Love the Dirty Bird! FOTY potential.
  2. Lmao...Bisping trying to low key get a rematch because Hendo is on his last leg. Wouldn't expect anything less from Spitz.
  3. Awesome. You do understand what I was saying! Woo hoo! In the UFC's attempt to go mainstream, they have copied boxing even though Dana craps on boxing.
  4. Of course...so what point does the rankings have then? If the champ knocks off the number one guy and so forth, they should fall. So DJ fighting the number seven guy, should be the number one guy if the rankings held merit. That was exactly what I was trying to get at. When the UFC ranks fighters, it is like they just pull numbers and attach them to fighters. What made me think of this was Bruce Buffer actually calling out the rankings in the introductions...if he is going to try and get the crowd all hyped up about a fighters ranking, then they should at least have meaning in regards to their position in the division.
  5. As pointless as the points on "Whose Line Is It Anyways?". Why even have a ranking system if the number one dude doesn't fight the number two dude? I understand matchups and fighters already booked...but why even have a ranking system and put numbers by fighters' names that don't mean anything? The common fan who doesn't know much about MMA will look at it and go "Hmm...why is the Champion fighting the 7th ranked guy?". I guess my point is that with all the watered down cards and the UFC's push to go more mainstream, I think the ranking system doesn't add any value to the brand they are trying to create. In other news......UFC 186 makes me miss the good days when there was only an event or two per month, with loaded cards.
  6. Aldo can take Mc**** down at will. If Chad couldn't put Aldo away with that uppercut he landed, McTits has no chance.
  7. Bahaha...is what it is homie! Been a Falcons fan since I can remember...definitely not no bandwagon fan. But seriously...Felice is pretty BA. Lol
  8. Al Snow!!! He would bring "head" into the ring and do a br00tal uppercut KO with her face.
  9. Negative...Jack Daniels Honey and Vanilla Coke = God Mode Status
  10. Same...that and I remember going through Spike one day....and watching TUF1 and thought the concept was pretty cool. TUF1 was huge for the UFC's popularity. I always laugh watching Tito die against the cage against Chuck though...so awesome.
  11. From WEC? Shoot...I remember watching that live...everyone was in shock and awe. He got destroyed!
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