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  1. You sir are an idiot
  2. XxXx

    James Toney vs Todd Duffee

    Haha this guy is funny Btw nice top 5. lmao
  3. Anderson doesn't speak English so they can't
  4. XxXx

    James Toney vs Todd Duffee

    I'm not a Duffee fan at all, I just think stylisticly this would be a good fight
  5. Once James Toney loses to Randy Couture, seeing as Todd Duffe just came off a loss, and James Toney will be coming off one as well.. they should meet in the octogan. Thoughts?
  6. XxXx

    Rory Macdonald

    the next GSP discuss
  7. XxXx

    Number one contender LHW

    I disagree. He is a wrestler going up against two strikers. **** off with that ********, you know Silva and Rampage aren't up to par with Rashads wrestling. Jon Jones on the other hand, his GnP is vicious, but his ground game over all needs work. But he is not afraid to stand or go to the ground with either fighter. Listen, Rashad is a smart fighter, I know this. But as far as what the fans would want to see, you have to consider Jon Jones. When Forrest Griffin first burst out on the scene he won some, he lost some. But after he lost to Jardine he won 2 more fights after that and he was given a title shot. The sport of MMA is always changing and its always nice to see up-and-comers getting their shot. All I'm trying to say is, if Jon Jones wins this next fight.. expect him to be in the mix.
  8. XxXx

    Number one contender LHW

    But a decision over Thiago Silva and a rusted rampage jackson gives Rashad the right to be? Give me a break.
  9. Ah your totally right, I know very little of Sass. Just the way I read 'Michael bisping and Sass are schedueled to fight at this event' made me believe they were fighting each other. My apologies.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFC_120 Bisping vs Bass and Bisping vs Belfort are both rumored fights. But bass is an english born fighter, and with the UFC coming to London England, I'm sure he would like to make his debut in his home country. And fighting Bisping seems like a bigger possibility considering Belfort was promised a title shot.
  11. Paul Sass is a 10 and 0 English MMA Fighter who will be making his debut against Michael Bisping which will be in London England at the o2 arena, should be a good fight. I see bisping getting tapped out.. all 10 of his wins have come by way of submission.
  12. Bisping is going to be fighting Paul Sass.
  13. XxXx

    Number one contender LHW

    I was only putting Jon Jones in there *IF* He wins his next fight. He has impressed alot of people already, and with another win under his belt that would definatly push him in the mix.
  14. Yes he is 100% getting the winner for the title, he was originally suppose to fight Anderson Silva but the fight got postponed when Silva got injured, and then he had to pull out of the fight when Vitor got injured and thats when Chael Sonnen stepped in.
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