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  1. Griffin was an absoloute *** for his behaviour, mind you bearly beating a well past his best Ortiz showed him for what he is now and that is someone who will never be top 10
  2. Ok fight fans lets face it my favourite 205 er is near the end of his journey into legend, yet i still feel he has something left to give us and that is a 3 round fight with Griffin. Why you may ask, well i would say Griffin had made it clear in his early UFC days he would fight Chuck and may not win but it would be heck of a fight, and i agree. Both are fan favourites yet neither really have achieved any major highs this year, Chuck really has nothing to prove but im sure he would like to end his career on a positive note e.g a true blood n guts war which both he and Griffin seem to love. Griffin for a 205 and a big one at that isnt a one punch finisher and cardio and grinding his opponent down is his main weapon yet Chuck can end a fight with a single shot and we love both of them for their respective end games. The likelyhood of Griffin KO'ing Chuck is slim so surely this is a factor to be considered, wrestling wont really come into it, Griffin is a plodder and Chuck likes to counter- these boys are born to fight each other, come on UFC let Chuck and fan favourite Griffin bang it out in what would surely be a real barn burner and a fight both men could be proud of taking part.
  3. WTF i was expecting the rerun of Versus Vera vs Jones etc on ESPN and nothing!! I have the ESPN pack yet i got sod all WHAT THE HELL!!! Did anyone see it?>??
  4. Shogun will beat him. Henderson if he ever comes back could beat him
  5. Ok i was pleasently surprised that Kampmann was demolished so easily, however Hazlett is a different animal altogether, Daley is a mauler and to put it bluntly has no real ground game- this is shown by his losses to poor opposistion with some ground game. Daley could hang on the feet with most but Hazlett isnt going to stand in front of him. I feel Daley is going to lose via 1st round sub and in turn allows the UFC to push Hazlett up the contender ladder!
  6. The UFC have a bad habit of creating poor mismatches, another one was (and no disrespect intended) AL Turk vs Cro Cop, it was blatant the UFC were throwing Cro crop a sacrificial lamb, where the hell did anyone see that as a reasonable matchup, they will probably call Danni Abbadi back to fight a champ next...
  7. No offence to semtex who is a fighter but what the hell are the matchmakers thinking of putting him in to fight Kampman, ffs UFC stop the mismatches, its like Kelly vs Davis, pathetic and unfair.
  8. Grotty

    UK TV info

    The UFC had originally claimed they had some very interested parties and the deal was on the table etc etc and this was before UFC 100, the impression they gave was that it was being addressed. I would think higher of the UFC if they would at least post something on their website stating their aims/ goals regards the UK audience and at least state if negotiations were underway or even being considered. The UFC could at least show a bit of courtesy by reassuring the UK audience that the matter is being dealt with.
  9. Grotty

    UK TV info

    I like a lot of UK fans am very dissapointed with the apparent lack of interest from the UFC in regards to the UK audience!, as Setanta went out of the picture we had to wait until literally a couple of days before UFC 100 to find out how or if we were going to get to see it. Now the UFC had stated previously that there were a couple of parties interested in showing the UFC etc and the deal was on the table blah blah now we habe UFC 101 coming up and AGAIN the UFC havent even bothered to post anything regards how/who is going to air the shows in the UK, so UFC what the hell is happening!?, there has been no follow up info or even confirmation that the UFC are going to even bother trying to get future shows aired in the UK, are the UK audience going to have to wait again until the last minute? I think the UFC are neglecting the fans, it is a shame. Anyone heard any rumours regards shows being aired on a particular channel in the future, i hope someone knows as the UFC dont seem to give a crap!
  10. The UFC has now captured the huge Mexican audience, i am concerned that nothing seems to be 100% definite regards the future for the UK audience. I appreciate that UFC 100 was shown on sky and internet but this was a one shot deal wasnt it? I was very dissapointed with the apparent lack of information from the UFC until the last minute regards UFC 100. Is there anything concrete regards future shows or dont we really matter in the UK??
  11. You ever seen Griffin fight ??, omg are you ignorant!, Griffin is not a KO monster but he is a physically wearing fighter, Silvas last 2 MW performances showed that he is not the superman all the ****s think he is, yes Silva will be a hall of famer but he is not invincible and Griffins only problem is that he wants a tear up and sometimes forgets to think about defence, yet when he fights well he is a force at LHW. Watch his fights win lose or draw he is fighter and unlike the last 2 mws Silva has fought he will actually happily exchange with Silva.
  12. Florian has developed physically and mentally in his last couple of fights and has executed good game plans, BJ on the other hand is in my mind far stronger physically which is shown by his ability to handle larger fighters such as Hughes, mentally i think BJ is also strong he has never quit and it was his corner that called it with GSP as there is no quit with BJ, gameplans with BJ dont seem apparent he just deals with whats in front of him on the night. Florian is better with kicks no doubt but Penns boxing is superb, takedowns ..well BJs ability to defend on this area is obvious, Florian perhaps is weaker in this area, the main strength is Ju jitsu for both guys and i think if Florian feels he has something to prove may be his undoing in this fight. Penn has the edge in Ju jitsu in my opinion. So i reckon Penn is going to win this one, he has the power to KO Florian but why play into Florians speedy standup?, ok this is how i see the fight closing- BJ keeping the fight against the cage dirty boxing etc, he then takes Florian down, both fighters fight for posistion but Penns strength and skill edge it and i think its a win via RNC. The downside to Penn is how motivated is he, his cardio has let him down in the past but in all fairness he seems to have picked it up.
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