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  1. We all have prediction shockers, including the guys who write articles for well respected MMA sites. But to be fair we use "MMA knowledge" to make these predictions but truth be told you have a one in two chance of getting it right or wrong! That's the beauty of the sport, absolutely anything can happen...as Russow so recently pointed out.
  2. 10 year stretch in Morocco... Thanks for knocking out Tito before doing something as stupid as that though!
  3. Gamfather

    Undisputed 2010

    I played the demo for the first time yesterday and I gotta say I'm really looking forward to the full release. I was wondering what they would do differently gameplay wise (I don't follow all the rumours etc and prefer to find out for myself) as I believed 2009 had a very tough benchmark to beat. Admittedly, features and modes needed sharpening and by the looks of it they've stepped that up a tad by introducing a tournament format as well. All in all the taster I've had will turn into a full purchase.
  4. What can I say about Daley?...Words for once fail me how cheap that was. I hope he never fights again in any promotion, there's no room for that in the sport as a whole. On the flipside, for Koscheck's role in the Kneegate and Eyepokegate scandals...he deserves to get utterly destroyed, I cannot stand cheats and that is exactly what he is. That won't happen against GSP as that'll just be a wrestle off but I hope someone smashes that face badly and continuously.
  5. It's there on Sherdog...I accidentally stumbled across it. He's not in prison for sure though.
  6. I think he took the sponsorship for Toyo Tyres a bit too far by sporting them on his mid-section
  7. For those who love to follow the disasterous career of War Machine, he's fighting on the same card as Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli and Alex "Reidernator" Reid at BAMMA on 15/5/10. No prizes for guessing why Reid has got the main event slot...
  8. http://www.mmamania.com/2010/3/28/1393686/ufc-111-medical-suspensions-and
  9. One thing Greg Jackson isn't...and that's a doctor. If it had been broken then it would have been highlighted in the injuries and suspensions list.
  10. That is not only hilarious...it is true.
  11. Disagree...if you seriously think he didn't try all he could to finish the fight inside the distance simply because he is too nice then maybe at the same time GSP should ask himself if he's in the right sport if that really was the case. People are quick to discredit Hardy's achievement defensively (and I mean only defensively), if he was technically able to escape and not pop out or break anything then why is he a **** for not tapping? I'm not really sure how less nice you need to be to G'n'P someone's face instead though?
  12. Everybody has a weakness...sometimes it just takes a bit more work with some fighters than others It's like I said in another thread, it isn't up to GSP to change his style for the meatheads and increase his potential to lose. It is up to the other fighters in the division to come up with an answer to his strengths...this is the whole reason the sport as a whole has evolved stylistically.
  13. Well, I contributed to the move to middleweight because I admit that was worth commenting on. Now this article...this is an interview, GSP isn't really going to confess to a lack of standup during an interview, is he? He's not exactly going to let on a weakness in the public press!
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