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  1. and this is why brock cant...
  2. because dude was OUT lol....brock wasnt out he was just dazed and confused a little..but still defending and moving and throwing from the bottom
  3. TY SHANE FOR SHOWING BROCK IS HUMAN!!! thats all ANY of the heavyweights needed
  4. o ok hahahaha, yea i heard joe and mike saying "HES OUT HES OUT" so i thought he automatically took the bad way out and just went to sleep my fault
  5. as a fighter yes...but anything else no lmao....dont worry brock i remember when u flipped the fans off
  6. naw man, u didnt hear joe rogan and mike saying "HE's OUT HES OUT"? he went to sleep bro lol.
  7. so what your saying is...MMA is for white people...and boxing is for "Non-whites"? obvious troll is obvious
  8. are you ****ing kidding me? who are you to say carwin is no fighter LMAO 6k posts and still a ****in MMA Noob and tool ontop of that? LMAO "Fighters dont talk in public like this." LMAO press conferences? Post fight Interviews? Post Fight Conferences? you sir are an idiot lol
  9. prolly from going to sleep instead of tapping
  10. OMG HOW DID I FORGET THAT ! LMAO!!!!! +1 for you good buddy haha
  11. ill stay out of that 1 then lmao, no plastic surgery vaginas for me thanks
  12. i WOULDVE said brock will get dominated on the feet 2 weeks ago....but ive been watching his training videos and his stand up is looking AMAZING lol and no...im no fan of brock at all...(after he flipped his fans off after mir 2 fight) i stopped being a fan lol
  13. i WOULD say spider, but i dont want a translator followin us EVERYWHERE hahahahaha other then that...rampage hahahahaha my sides would explode from laughing so much hahahaha
  14. i dont hate BROCK...i actualyl enjoy watching him fight, what i hate is his fans and brocks MOUTH im more of a humble fighter fan EDIT: and i started hated his mouth and actions when he decided it was a good idea to flip the fans off after his second fight with mir
  15. does anyone else see lesnar gettin KNOCKED THE **** OUT if he tries throwin a retarded **** leg kick like that? hahaha
  16. who are you to judge some1 for liking a specific fighter?
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