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  1. MetalMad

    I'm Over Fighting...

    I know what you mean, i too got bored of watching a few months ago. I wouldn't bother expecting a decent conversation on this forum, there are a few good members, but the rest are idiots.
  2. MetalMad

    Pixel Fighters

    Really nice work man, speaking as a game programmer myself these sprites are awesome keep it up!
  3. MetalMad

    Condit - an analogy

    Agreed, Ride the lightning ftw
  4. MetalMad

    Diaz addicted?

    Shhh he might start to gain fans
  5. MetalMad

    Diaz addicted?

    Old link but http://www.mmafighting.com/2009/04/10/cesar-gracie-coach-of-nick-diaz-discusses-marijuana-comments
  6. The only loser here is you, always nerd raging about things. Go out for a walk or something.
  7. Props to Condit, respect meter just went up.
  8. Did you even watch the video RunLikeA*****707?
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