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  1. Been on board since Day 1. The Prodigy won't 'come back', because he was never gone! WAR BJ!
  2. Haha exactly man, glad a Manc recognises that it's not just Bisping. Same goes for people in Sheffield and Nottingham (Hardy, you're a ****, but you're just a dime a dozen).
  3. This^^. BJ is one of those fighters that can defeat anybody on any given day (excluding GSP and Edgar) as long as he has that determination and has trained hard. Whatever happened to the whole fitness regime he started for the 101 and 107 title bouts? That BJ could not be shifted an inch by Sanchez, and Sanchez got Fitch down early. Thing is, anyone who says BJ can beat anyone etc. is going to be called a NH. But the reality is, when he trains hard he has the same natural talent as Anderson. It's the training and dedication that always concerns his fans.
  4. Agreed. If Penn loses, I'll be making no excuses for him, and I hope he doesn't either. But I expect to see BJ prove he's one of the GOAT when he not only defeats Fitch, but finishes him as well. Losses to Edgar don't equate to him becoming a stepping stone for a one-dimensional grinder like Fitch, dominant though he may be over the middle-tier of the 170lb division.
  5. That was the most jaw-dropping, surprise KO I've seen, in terms of seeing one guy literally a second away from dropping, throwing a single punch just before he goes down, and knocking the guy out with it.
  6. Jones isn't Silva. He's not nice outside and a d**k in the cage. The guy's reaction to his DQ loss shows how he really is; like any fighter he needs to have confidence, but Bader's not said anything about it, and you'd think he'd be the first to say. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Jones is now gonna fade away into insignificance now he's lost you as a fan.
  7. That'd be Tra Telligman. He also fought Rizzo and Belfort in the early days of the UFC. Most devastating knockout? Cro Cop vs. Gonzaga - I thought Mirko might be concussed, have broken his leg and ankle, and suffered the worst defeat of his career all at the same time. Second would be Carwin vs. Mir. Before Dan Mirgliotta stopped the bout (it didn't seem as though he actually would) I was getting scared for Mir's health. He took about 10 unprotected knockout blows to the head, Rogan was actually saying 'God, stop this'.
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