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  1. If im not mistaken, Im pretty sure I just heard Joe say "BAM! thats the punch that put him on ***** street." on an old episode of UFC Unleashed. Is that something normal people say?
  2. JK Rowling. That last harry potter book was straight money
  3. Yea, i think I saw you say something about it another thread. What areas do you train in?
  4. What bank is gonna give me a loan for a friggin PS3 and game to go with it? None. Why would i spend money on something that wont help me attain my goal when I could be saving it to pay for training anyways? You're not making any sense
  5. My questions remain unanswered
  6. or practice a martial art? (Other than ArcaneKnight because I dont believe you) Im hoping to start kickboxing and jui jitsu at a local gym soon. Money is kinda tight though so its up in the air
  7. Just because you're a fan or not a fan of somebody doesnt mean that they're automatically your favorite fighter for life. Its not like you're marrying them or anything. How do fighters become an MMA fan's favorite fighter? By winning fights. So why wouldnt people become a fan of a fighter after he wins a big fight? Makes sense to me
  8. if by wiki, you mean Wikipedia, theres a good chance that its a lie
  9. Sounds like you have harbored some ill feelings toward the people who turned you down
  10. Slums in Brazil are way worse than slums in America
  11. Since when do you need to be in any decent physical shape to drive a car? NASCAR drivers arent athletes Knowshon Moreno. Dude hurdled a would-be tackler when Georgia played Central Michigan last season. Cant wait to see what he does in the NFL
  12. Diego Sanchez vs Anthony Johnson
  13. Knowshon Moreno at RB. Reports from the Broncos camp said that he was has been impressive so far. Some analysts are saying that he will be a contender for Rookie of the Year
  14. Not if he is smart. At this point in his career, he is making alot more money than he would in MMA. Plus MMA medical bills are usually higher
  15. Im ready to see the fight. DirecTV just gave my dad a year's worth of Showtime for free for being with them a year so now i dont have to watch it online
  16. i thought ufc fighters didnt get to pick their opponents?
  17. Probably because they didnt show florian actually going back to the locker room. They showed griffin from when he left the cage to when he rounded the corner for the locker room. I dont remember them showing Florian leaving
  18. Dan Brown. I love the "DaVinci Code" series he is doing
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