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  1. tl;dr Fox used to be a man, has advantages in developing as a man. Fighting natural women is ****ed up. Shocker
  2. I didn't know losing to Okami, the guy who just fought for the title, means you're a can. I guess a lot of people in the MW division are cans by default, now The entire MW division is cans acording to GSP fangirls MW Division is not as deep as the others I'd say. While their's no shame in losing to Okami, correct me if I'm wrong but people were saying Lombard was gonna dethrone Silva. **** please
  3. One of the dumbest mother****ers here!? ^^^ Lets vote How so? Lost to Tim Boetsch, looked horrible. Lost to Okami, got outgrappled. Most overrated fighter in MMA.
  4. Caps lock is cruise control for cool. But yes, I thought the same thing. He's still got fight in him though, he doesn't wanna hang it up, even though he should
  5. I'm really shocked this hasn't been talked about too much. When Liz was cranking on Rousey's neck, I was just waiting for it to snap. Especially when Ronda wash shaking her off her back and onto the ground. Is it just me, or is this a very VERY dangerous move? Not as in submission dangerous, but as in fighter safety dangerous. I feel like if Liz didn't slip off when Ronda was twisting her off her back, she might have actually done some serious damage to her neck. It could just be me, but I was honestly hoping she didn't brake her neck in the process. Should this be looked at any further or maybe even be banned? It's hard to say it should be banned without anyone being injured, but it definitely had me on the edge of my seat.
  6. Im disappointed that my local 711 doesn't have Twizzlers pull and peel but you don't see me making asinine threads about it... I mean you probably should. Those things are great
  7. I'm saying every thread is pretty much the same, which is to say useless. Just like this, in every way. The opinion threads are just pure trolling and fanboying, the news threads are usually hours behind mmajunkie or any other site, and the community just isn't what I remember it being. There doesn't need to be 80 threads about Jon ****ing Fitch. We get it, he was cut, he didn't really deserve it given his ranking. But any time anything like this happens, there are at least 6 threads on page one about literally the exact same thing. I used to post semi-frequently, but I haven't even found a point to for months
  8. This post is about as useful as every other I've seen on these forums for the past year. Fitch was cut? Let's make a new thread. Christ...
  9. ufc hype machine and the sheep who follow make this statement even close to true Come on now. People were spewing that BS while he was crushing cans in StrikeForce. "UBEREEM NEXT UFC CHAMP HW DIVISION IS SO THIN REEM WOULD SMASH CAIN AND JDS" The hypetrain was rolling long before his UFC debut
  10. I'm too drunk to taste this chicken
  11. Was that before or after you and your brother jerked each other off?
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