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  1. i know your joking, you cant be serious with this thread.
  2. for about 2 minutes then tanks tank will be empty, in all the years of him being in the fight game it should be obvious that some fights will go longer then expected, he will not knock everybody out and maybe adjust his conditioning routine appropriately. as long as butterbean can keep clear of those hands for the first minute maybe minute and a half, i see butterbean whooping tanks tail.
  3. to be honest i think we knew he was gonna be a fool going into it, hell i was counting on it. evans is definately a better coach, but id watch rampage's antics anyday over evans.
  4. while i do agree with you on most of what you said i think maybe, your taking the show a little too seriously. its just entertainment, try and be a little open minded with the show. maybe think of it as the "not so serious side" of mma. its just a suggestion, peace
  5. strategicaly he might be the worst coach but he has got to take the most entertaining coach, he is a clown, and he is the main reason why im watching this season.
  6. so wich states is it still illegal?
  7. im rooting for joe too, but i have a feeling it wont be easy, i think it will go to a decision and hopefully joe can pull this off.
  8. LOL, i can attest to that, im not a fighter but was playing with my 13year old daughter wrestling and what not, she was getting frustrated cause she couldnt get me down, (i am over 300 lbs) so of course i let her strike, and after being set up with punches to my head she swung her leg out and caught me right above my knee, and i didnt want to play anymore! i could only imagine the pain and damage done by an unchecked leg kick by someone my size or someone who could really throw one.
  9. i like vera, but i feel sorry for him! randy will "out" him in every way possible. good thing there is no bad blood here, cause randy will probably make brandon rethink mma as a career after the beatdown he is gonna get. when i saw that they were fighting i thought it was so odd to have these 2 fight, what the hell were silva and dana thinking? IMO there is NO way vera wins this fight, besides catchin randy with something miraculous. what is he gonna do keep randy on the outside with leg kicks? ok! then what? i dont think the ufc cares too much for vera.
  10. JBLADE1406051116

    nate diaz

    so true! even before tuf i have seen him fight in some small promotions and thats how he lost most of the time was lack of submission defense. he was always exciting when the fight was standing but as soon as his hands hit the mat it usually was all over from there.
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