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  1. I heard Vera was very disappointed that he didn't get the win against Jones, despite using the same tactics that Hamill used to beat him.
  2. Fedor > Silva >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GSP If Silva fought Fedor around 2006, I can't really imagine Silva winning.
  3. I'm all for that!! Let's see how the grease monkey deals with a good dose of good ol' booos.
  4. The problem with Silva is that he's too good. He either dismantles them early in 1 round, or he's superiority is so great that he toys with them for 5 rounds because he's bored or they are running away. Only the Sonnen fight was different.
  5. After defeating Belfort, Silva says that has got no intention of moving up to LHW. Come on!! The only fight at MW that makes sense for him is the GSP fight. Apart from GSP, who's not even there yet, Silva has cleaned out the division fair and square. If GSP loses to Shields, then whom will Silva fight? Okami? Bisping? That's a joke! Those guys shouldn't be even mentioned in the same sentence with Silva. I'm disappointed in him being satisfied in fighting cans like them. Machida is no longer the LHW champ, which used to be the obstacle for Silva moving up. I wish Shogun would have called out Silva. How cool would that be?! Too bad Bones has arrived and he will dismantle Shogun. But IF, IF Shogun beats Jones, then he should call out Silva. Silva needs a challenge for once. Belfort was no match for him.
  6. The guy who is 4-21 also has more experience. LOL' date=' so irrelevant. Too bad he will be on his back the entire fight. Elbows of doom > Shogun's BJJ Shogun never fought a guy like Jones. Rampage and Silva haven't either.Jones > all of them. Only until the first takedown. Then it's over with the kicking.
  7. Okey, but how tall is he? He looks like he's 5'2" or somethin.
  8. No, it's the arms, legs, and the length of the neck together.
  9. It's freaking cold out there in the north. Go figure.
  10. Perhaps in 2006, n00b. He was 195 when he fought Hardy, and 190 in other recent fights. He said that.
  11. Frank Mur sucks donkey balls. He's a bum.
  12. 0:00-0:40 both fighters measure each other up 0:40-0:50 Belfort attacks and gets knocked down 0:50-1:30 Silva begins his dance, he smells blood 1:30-2:10 Silva has Belfort two more times on the canvas 2:10-3:30 Belfort eats a knee, starts running away on wobbly legs until Silva finishes by KO "And still....".
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