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  1. macbeth07

    Women in the UFC?

    I would love 2c a womens division n the UFC. u can bring in gina corrano, ive always enjoyed her fights...n shes hot lol
  2. I highly doubt it. he couldn't even handle BROCK. . fedor is 1 of the greatest ever, n i'd say probaly the top heavy weight n the world ryt now, mir has sum sick submissions but fedor would knock him out
  3. That would b awesome 2 have pat miletich as a coach on TUF!!! maybe they can bring in another veteran like 1 of the gracies or Frank shamrock or even Bas 2 b the other coach n have them go at it at the end!
  4. Frank Mir has been quoted as sayin "Why not make it the best of 3" ??? what do you think??? Mir vs. Lesnar 3! who would win?!
  5. i honestly am not a big GSP fan personally, but he has dominated the welterweight division, so the only place to go is "UP" hes already been described as a "bigger" fighter for being in the welterweight division, so it would make sense for him 2 be in a weight class that would fit his frame better albeit the middle weight. it would be very interesting 2c how he would fare against, bisping, silva, hendo, marquart, etc
  6. yea it would. leben was suspended for bout 9 months due 2 steroid use or somethin 2 that effect. so who knows if the ufc will even bring him back
  7. It was on some internet site about MMA news n rumors, a few months back
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