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  1. Absolutely hilarious at how quiet the yellow team was after Cody McKenzie's win. Dude, seriously, I had tears rolling down my face at how silent the whole team was. Kudos to Cody walking over to the yellow side to just have them reminisce a bit over just what has happened. Yellow team was just ghost. Every one of them. I'm saving this episode on my DVR so that I can go back to it when I need a good laugh.
  2. Agreed. If there was a contender this season, I think it would have been English. Hopefully he comes back during the wild card. His fight with Johnson was great. Followed the game plan and really pressed forward with the action. I was actually rooting for him to win when he was facing Johnson, even though I like Johnson a lot as well.
  3. Story was cheesy and predicable. Voice acting OK (or really good, depending on the character). Game play was great. Visual were a hit and miss, apart from the way the characters looked when displaying emotion (stress, fear, sadness etc), screen tearing, lighting, etc... Game was good, but once you got what's going on, one play through is enough. Halo is just a FSP where everyone is jumping like they are on the moon wearing the latest Air Jordans.
  4. Thats one thing about EA, like them or not, they have a good solid foundation when it comes to making new sports game. Regardless, The UFC heads needs to find another publisher to do their game. THQ was great back in the N64 days. Now, their games are just feel so outdated. No matter how much they try to dress it up. Will have a go at playing at the hardest difficulty after I get the control scheme down pretty good.
  5. Yeah. True. Just the way the characters respond when they are being hit in UFC is just odd.
  6. Season joke for me. He's is too busy worring about people respecting him and trying to impress others than he is focused on being the Ultimate Fighter. In the last fights I've seen him in, he's getting his **** kicked for the majority of the fight, and then pulls off a submission and wins. Then goes on about how he was underestimated and whatnot by his opponents.
  7. Xbox for Online play and Third party games (NXE is a ***** to navigate around compared to the XMB, but content on NXE is a lot better, especially the XBOX Live store). PS3 for exclusives (Third party games just port the game to the PS3 and the developers don't spend to much time on the details unlike PS3 exclusives do), media playing, etc..
  8. Yeah, there are other threads about this game, but most of them are along the lines of "EA MMA sucks" followed by "yeah" by others. Anyhoo, After trying this thing out, there are ovbious flaws but one thing where it really shines compared to the ufc undisputed, is the way you strike your opponent. It's very fluid and natural just using the right analog stick versus pressing a few buttons. The response is great so far. The take downs though feel a lot less technical and easy to defend against at times (so long as the opponent is pressing x (on PS3) at the right moment. The take downs, and take down defense on Undisputed is superior imo. Can get challenging due to the rotation of the analog stick and such, but I prefer that honestly. Same with the submissions. In EA MMA, it's a lot more difficult to nail the submission (If you aren't use to it) and even trickier to get out of one. MMA isn't as random as Undisputed when it comes to landing that good shot and really rocking your opponent. I remember rocking someone really bad early in the fight where as in MMa, you have to really work at it. I think it could boil donw to the controls and learning how to swing the punches just right. The speed and flow of the MMA is a bit more realistic compared to Undisputed. A bit faster (depending on your players stamina guage of course). But overall, MMA flows really well. Undisputed feels clunky by comparison. EA MMA control scheme is a lot better honestly. The visuals are better as well in MMA. The character models aren't as glossy looking as the UFC Undisputed (Fighters, refs, pretty much everyone) is. Plus the UFC character models, like Rampage tend to look a bit off. in comparison to say Bobby Lashley or Fedor. The models in MMA tend to look more like the people they are modeled after. The simulation of the way the fighters sweat in MMA looks dope as well. As stated before, Undisputed teen to look like they have been covered with gloss beforehand. I like the way the refs get involved in the action in Undisputed, whereas with MMA, the guy is no where to be found, especially when you are finishing the opponent off. You just hear "That's it" out of no where and the fight is over. Undisputed actually has the ref involved during the whole match (even breaking fighters up if there isn't enough action) like they are in real UFC matches. Also, during the end of a round, you don't have your corner man talking to you the way you do in Undisputed. Which is a shame. Didn't really mean anything, and most people skip it, but it's details like that where Undisputed shine. That's just my first impression hands on. The game looks really solid and could seriously be a contender. Undisputed do have to work out some serious kinks mainly with the control scheme of things, and improve the responsiveness when the characters are interacting. You can see and feel that more in MMA, whereas in Undisputed, the players heads just bob back if you hit them in the face, or the body tends to jerk a bit when you are going for body blows etc.. Would probably do a full in depth one once the full game is released.
  9. Right after Rampage finished his second to last question, Dana was whispering something at to Rampage. Any guesses to what it could have been?
  10. Hopefully it isn't a repeat of this:
  11. Agreed. If there are folks who would fight if they are injured, and especially the type of injury that would need surgery, then they are f**king stupid imo. I don't like Tito all the much, but I respect him and any fighter who is smart about picking and choosing their fights. Play your cards right, at least you'll be there to fight another day.
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