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  1. I dont like -artems style but...... within ten years or so europeans and russians dominate UFC just like boxing and all other fighting forms. WWE and and other clown sports are dominated by US people.
  2. Pros seem to know what they do. Chris got his chance to sleep on the octagon.
  3. Yeah and europeans kick US fighters a**es as we europeans knew beforehand. Oh sweet sweet truth.
  4. DS is a bit weird all right but BJ is just so arrogant and whining little prick that I dont care who beats him as long as they do it. BJ is a good fighter but as a human being he really shows that spoiled rich boy attitude.
  5. I disagree just a bit.One argument is that it would be good for the sport if there's people who look more like fighters than mcdunkindonuts.The sport needs respect.If there's a professional fighter who doesnt even have discipline to eat properly, how could any Average Joe believe UFC is a sport! At least outside USA. In sumo there are fatsos but they have cultural reasons for that (ironically most of the really fat ones are from USA) and in their sport they dont need endurance. In the NFL some linemen are fat but there its more beneficiary.I haven done any math on that but I'm sure if it would be bad thing there would be only athletic figures lining up for sure. In MMA there's no reason for fat and all the reasons to get rid of it - even if it means selecting Kimbo
  6. Yes.I guess your (grand) father built that underground shelter against commiestrike and you have improved it to meet modern standards.
  7. Ok.So MMA shouldnt be as it is in "real" situation? I'd like to ask you if you have ANY idea how the sport evolved. What was the purpose bringing in all the different styles? Tell me plz. Maybe you should keep watching those WWF games as they are so entertaining.
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