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  1. Oh my bad.... was just going by what I heard Maybe Belfort vs. Leben then?
  2. Haha my thoughts exactly.... a striker or a brawler
  3. Maybe Antonio Banuelos, Scott Jorgensen, the loser of Brian Bowels vs Damacio Page
  4. When did he say this? Cause a few days ago all the MMA sites were saying Wanderlei couldn't fight May
  5. It's the fight that makes the most since.... Or they give him Leben because there both coming off losses
  6. This fight makes a lot of since to me Wandy said he wanted to fight him and Belfort wants him as well Also Wandy isn't fighting Stann anymore so this fight can happen What do you guys think?
  7. the way i see it Anderson usually likes to start off slow Vitor likes to start off verry quickly either we see a flash KO by Vitor (IMO) or a counter KO by Anderson in the 3rd round (IMO) but Vitor is training with Xtreme Couture he could be trying to take him down repeatedly i cant call this fight TBH
  8. http://www.mmamania.com/2011/1/4/1915707/brock-lesnar-introduces-his-new-book-the-viking-despite-the-doubters
  9. oh s*** my bad dude... have not been on here for a while a didnt see it
  10. i think this would be a great fight and would put the winner one win away from a titte shot what do you guys think, and who do you think would win?
  11. Hardy vs A. Johnson on a fight night is planed i have no idea who will win this A.J has been off a year and Hardy was recently knocked out so i think it will be a toss up who ever lands the better shot...
  12. it might be a network tv deal or TUF 13 Coaches (Brock/Mir 3? Cruz vs. Faber? ???)
  13. i want this to happen aswell!!! i can see Vitor winning in the 1st but if it goes out of the 1st its Anderson's fight
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