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  1. i would never.... wut???? dude come on. santas wife's a hottie. you know you'd hit it too,
  2. after seeing his last youtube video, i guess its safe to say that if he comes through on his end of the bet, ill probably be better off just listening to the audio feed.
  3. oddly enough i just got a letter from santa. he apologized to me and told me that he cant deliver me any hos for xmas that i asked for, because warwest and the scrap pack have them all reserved for the holidays, but he speaks of some dude with a toque and a pair of glasses who watches ufc that wants to hook up with me and make sexy time. been waiting to hear back from him to confirm whether or not this person is dead, and/or inflatable, or if he's just trolling me trying to get me back from last year when i slipped some roofies in mrs. clause's drink and proceeded to megasoup her in every which way imagineable
  4. wow this thread is dead tonight a month later and halo is still broken. its pretty much ps4's version of driveclub, except after a month, the driveclub online servers worked the way they were supposed to. halo is still messed up. gotta rush that ish out in time for christmas now dont ya M$??? pay for it all now, (except whatever DLC they cut out), hopefully theyll fix and give you (or try to sell you) the rest later http://kotaku.com/the-halo-collection-is-getting-better-but-still-not-fi-1668407451
  5. WWE is fake. for all we know chris benoit is out on a tropical island drinking beers with tupac and biggie hell wasnt it rather the definition of irony where the ultimate warrior faked his own death because he wanted to get out of the industry, or some crap like that, and then all of a sudden, he's back at wrestlemania weekend elected into the hall of fame and he kicks the bucket that very next day. though i dont think he was faking it this time. im pretty sure he's dead. but at least he didnt go alone. he buried hulkamania!
  6. going to the ufc forums and waiting for the page to load. though its been pretty fast right now. at 4 in the morning. give it 5 hours and it will be back to a turtle crawl.
  7. i damn well hope so. if this were the case i would get a job at subway or timmies.
  8. i havent been banned from these forums since about a week ago. i'd say im doing pretty good
  9. somebody get brian to PM me the number to the FBI. i'd like to report a fraud.
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