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  1. He has been crushing cans lately (Schaub & Herman) but his next fight against Werdum will determine whether he stays in the top 10 or not.
  2. Here are my UFC Heavyweight Rankings... 1 Cain Velasquez 2 Junior Dos Santos 3 Alistair Overeem 4 Fabricio Werdum 5 Frank Mir 6 Roy Nelson 7 Antonio Nogueira 8 Antonio Silva 9 Shane Carwin 10 Mark Hunt 11 Stefan Struve 12 Cheick Kongo 13 Travis Browne 14 Stipe Miocic 14 Mike Russow 15 Ben Rothwell 16 Gabriel Gonzaga 17 Todd Duffee 18 Shawn Jordan 19 Lavar Johnson 20 Pat Barry 21 Brendan Schaub 22 Matt Mitrione 23 Philip De Fries 25 Dave Herman 26 Shane Del Rosario 27 Christian Morecraft Upcoming Matchups Alistair Overeem v Antonio Silva Fabricio Werdum v Antonio Nogueira Mark Hunt v Stefan Struve Mike Russow v Shawn Jordan Ben Rothwell v Gabriel Gonzaga Lavar Johnson v Brendan Schaub Potential Matchups Cheick Kongo v Roy Nelson Matt Mitrione v Philip De Fries Stipe Miocic v Travis Browne Pat Barry v Todd Duffee
  3. yes, they should fight anyone that DANA WHITE says even if its 2 days notice or a handicap steel cage matchup.
  4. what really sucks for Glover is that he went through all these Visa issues just to go back to Brazil to fight, lol
  5. 1. How many takedowns will Chael get? 0. I predict flying knees 2. How many punches will Chael throw? 32 punches, 5-7 will land 3. How many submission attempts for Chael? 0. the fight wont hit the ground 4. How many submission attempts for Anderson? see question 3 5. What round will the fight end? Round 2 KO 6. Will Anderson get knocked down by Chael again? HELL NO 7. Will Chael submit Anderson? With what? NO and HELL NO 8. Will Anderson KO/TKO Chael? Yes, in the 2nd round 9. Will Chael KO/TKO Anderson? not a chance 10. Will Anderson submit Chael again? With what? see question 3 11. Who will be the ref? no need for a ref in this fight! 12. How many kicks will Anderson throw? 10-15 kick, all low kick and 1 front kick 13. How many kicks will Chael throw? 5 14. How many punches will Anderson throw? 30-25. he will land 80% of them 15. Will Chael lose any teeth, break any of his own bones? he may. 16. Will they touch gloves before the fight? dont see that happening 17. Who will bleed more? Chael 18. Will Anderson leave the division or retire if he loses? NO 19. Will Chael leave the division or retire if he loses? see question 18 20. Who will be wearing the belt after the fight? Anderson Silva
  6. I dont see how kicking someone in the knee is the same as kicking a downed opponent in the head. sure, it can mess up someone's knee but thats the point. kicks to the head of a downed opponent is unnecessary.
  7. Jones will eventually bulk up like overreem did and move up to HW and challenge for the title, maybe in like 2-3 years. he still has some fights left at 205. Henderson, Davis, Evans, Gustafsson. even a rematch with Shogun (maybe). plus this is not considering any prospects that are less known right now.
  8. Nate Diaz is a great fighter with Huge Heart, he will get a title shot within the next couple year but I dont think now is the time, he is still pretty young even tho he has been around for some time.
  9. these guys are the champions if they don't Market them who the hell else are they going to market? they have the UFC belt therefore they are the best fighters in their respective divisions. they deserve all the credit in the world.
  10. what i'm afraid off is having more fighters that fight like Jon Fitch.
  11. yea I respect your view as well, I Cant wait for these guys to settle it themselves. It's going to be an awesome Fight!!!!
  12. is their any other fighters that you would switch around?
  13. you just said that brock is ranked higher than Reem. LOL...
  14. for me, that one could go either way. they are going to fight tomorrow anyway so their is really no point in debating that one.
  15. 1 Junior Dos Santos 14-1 2 Cain Velasquez 9-1 3 Brock Lesnar 5-2 4 Alistair Overeem 35-11 5 Shane Carwin 12-2 6 Frank Mir 16-5 7 Roy Nelson 16-6 8 Antonio Nogueira 33-7-1 9 Cheick Kongo 17-6-2 10 Travis Browne 12-0-1 11 Stefan Struve 22-5 12 Mike Russow 14-1 13 Fabricio Werdum 14-4 14 Brendan Schaub 8-2 15 Matt Mitrione 5-1 16 Gabriel Gonzaga 11-6 17 Mark Hunt 7-7 18 Dave Herman 21-2 19 Stipe Miocic 7-0 20 Philip De Fries 8-0 21 Shane Del Rosario 11-0 22 Pat Barry 6-4 23 Joey Beltran 13-6 24 Ben Rothwell 31-8 25 Christian Morecraft 7-2 26 Chad Griggs 11-1 27 Rob Broughton 15-7-1 28 John Olav Einemo 6-2 29 Oli Thompson 9-2 30 Edinaldo Oliveira 13-0-1 31 Lavar Johnson 15-5
  16. why dont you guys have this conversation on his twitter account?
  17. Whats my Name - DMX X is Coming - DMX Square Dance - Eminem I would rotate those 3 songs
  18. it was such a one sided beat down, I dont think Forrest would stand a chance even if Anderson had no arms. Even if Forrest lands a punch, he wouldnt KO anderson or even hurt him. he proved that in their first fight. plus Okami punched Silva in the face when he had his hands down and Anderson didnt even seem fazed by it, he just responded by knocking him down with a perfect jab to the jaw.
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