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  1. epic fail Wow.... is this 2009?
  2. wrong section, mods please move it to "stupid complaints" section Mods of the world, please move this human to the "waste of semenal fluid" section.
  3. It was on Saturday. Just because I don't go running to the internets the second anything happens doesn't make my points of view less valid.
  4. Is how Mike Goldberg pronounces the de j in "Rio De Janeiro" Rio daaaaaaay janeiro. Seriously made me want to pierce my ear drums.... Or press mute. That is all. Good day to you all.
  5. It's my understanding they reserve venues way in advance. Got to presume they have a vague plan months down the line. For example they've reserved a date in November at Madison Square Garden
  6. I am planning a multi-city trip around the US in June and July with Mrs. Zombiain and would love to see a UFC event when I'm there. Obviously I can't hold back from booking flights and hotels for too long... does anyone have any info on where they will be in late June/ early July. I can't find anything on the interwebs. Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. I see the UFC have put on an event at the MGM grande on the first Saturday of July for the past 3 years... I may just have to plan around that and hope for the best
  7. Why is that ironic coming from Dan Hardy? Do you not understand the word? I can only assume you're suggesting he too is idiotic which is ridiculous. He is CLEARLY one of the most intelligent and eloquent fighters in MMA.
  8. Yo, George... You don't speak on behalf of all English fans. As Kang said, the time zone factor is HUGE. This is a great main event for the UK. I'm happy, and I look forward to attending.
  9. Plus, according to @UFC_UK on Twitter: Riddle vs Mills Etim vs Reene Forte Danny Castillo vs Paul Sass Vaughan Lee vs Tezuka Grispi vs Ogle Ulysses Gomez vs Billy Harris
  10. http://sbn.to/10x7jiZ Really like Lee but this isn't a great move for him. He got rag-dolled by TJ Dooshbag, not sure what he expects to happen against Faber.
  11. Funny? That was about as funny as colon cancer.
  12. Be sure to wear something with skulls on it!
  13. Yo, thanks for the Jon Jones thread. Too self important to add your thoughts on the man in another of the hundreds of threads?
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