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  1. And as long as you ppl think that way, Fedor will duck real competition like Overeem in Strikeforce.
  2. IF and only "IF" Fedor and m1 make sure fedor doesnt fight Overeem then I will laugh for real. That would be the last nail in the coffin, and let me tell you , there has been many these years for Fedor Let me add this also:Fedor isnt at all "fake" or a bad fighter if he lose to Overeem,however,dont give me any **** that fedor is nr1 unless he fights the best fighters. Fedor did that at one period, in Pride, when he was a nobody, now he doesnt.
  3. Doesnt matter, sometimes someone has to be the victim of being made an exemple. Now people know what the line is.
  4. By that logic Gretzky most be the worlds best hockey player today because he his avg score was something crazy like 2p per game. Its in the past ffs. Get over it. If Fedor wanna prove he is still today nr1, then face guys like Velasquez,Carwin,Lesnar,Mir and JDS and prove it. Or do anyone here think Werdum is the guy you should beat to prove to be nr1? and what if Werdum win? what will you fedor ****s say then? that Werdum is nr1? ... dont make me laugh. I like Fedor, a lot, however he hasnt proven himself against the new competition and he doesnt want to, thats so I wont call him nr1 anymore.
  5. Topic Creators logic is flawed again. Here is why, fedors toughest fights has been vs Nog,Crocop and mark hunt Tell me how these guys fare against competition today. Nog got KO by frank Mir and Cain (fedor never achieveed that by far) Crocop was an even fight vs Fedor but even a guy like Gonzaga today and JDS KO crocop with ease. So what does that tell you? better compeition is out there. Lesnar is 106-5 at 285 pound and ncaa champ, you honestly doesnt think he would handle himself better on top of Fedor then what Brett Rogers did?
  6. BS, topic creators logic is flawed. So basically you want the victim to choose the punishment? thats is wrong for many reasons, because either the victim is afraid of giving a fair punishment or take it too personal and overreact. No, it should be up to the athletic commision or the UFC. I think UFC did the right thing, and here is why; Daley humiliated and verbally assaulted his last opponent after he KO him out, he then made fun of koscheck with pictures ridiculed him. He later called Koscheck for a *****,mommas boy etc. Then he got his **** served for 15 min, and what does he do? he attack koscheck from BEHIND, so for 15 min you couldnt hurt him, but when he turn his back you can? who is the ***** again Daley? So basically this is a perfect person to set an ex for, you gonna humiliated your opponents when you knock them, you call people for ****** and mommas boys before the fight and then attack people from behind when you lose? Tell me please why this scumbag deserves his spot in the UFC again? Most people who doesnt watch MMA think fighters are steroids retards, and by watching a guy like Daley act, they wont change their mind, so kick these idiots and keep MMA scene clean.
  7. It's a way for an eastern european to say that he was ashamed, learn the diffrence. but, my problem with Crocop lately,where is the left kick? where is it?
  8. you honestly think the silva fight ruined the card so much that you deserve a new one for free? come on, okay sure, I get my ppv for free ... but still.
  9. Fedor is, Crocop was a big name in Europe especially in k-1. (probably not in America).
  10. once again, have you seen GSP,FEDOR or BJ PENN running around because they was leading?
  11. What does that tell you about the so called best "p4p-fighter" that he cant do anything offensive? If Maia is standing still, attack, you think GSP,Fedor or BJ penn will just stand still or slam the floor in anger? Second of all, when Maia did attack in the 4 and 5, while bruised up, what did Anderson do then? he run. Enough with this bs, Silva is a joke and hardly the best p4p-fighter. Remember, Maia is among the best ground-fighter, and SIlva among the best striker, so who should attack? Oh its the ground guy? yeah right, geeez some people are stupid.
  12. I kind of agree, but I saw the re-run yesterday(on Swedish tv) and the thing was, afgter third round Bj Penn had black eyes and was swollen around the eyes, thats kind of weird, because it looked like Edgar never really "connected". So mayby it was the camera angles or we didnt understand on how well Edgar connected, because Edgar after 3 round didnt even have a scratch, dont belive me? check the replay, so apprently Edgar should have won the 3,4 and 5 imo. But when I first saw it I thought it was 1,2 and 3 for Bj. But you doesnt get black eyes from nothing,apprently Edgar did connect and BJ didnt.
  13. Quezcotl

    Fighter's payout

    ...dana whites friends, enough said. DW live in a mansion with ferraris and private chefs. he pays 90% in the ufc far too less,I understand his logic, paying less make fighters more intrested in winning and "how they win". But it also lead to some great fighters staying away from the ufc because of the greed, Dan Henderson wasnt worth 150-200k? but Tito 250k?allright DW...
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