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  1. Go to hell judges, and whoever the hell else is wearing their nifty hype-a-machida glasses. Rua Won! Machida had a couple of nice combos, and Rua had better ones. In this case it should be the last man standing, and Machida's sure as hell not gonna be doing much of that.
  2. Nice to see so many people weighing in, and the large majority of people who appreciate Marquardt's performance as much as me. However, In light of a few topics drawn up I feel I should offer a rebuttal.
  3. Now I'm not necessarily a supporter of either Maia or Marquardt, but I'd just like to give heads up to Marquardt for a great display of restraint and outstanding sportsmanship. There have been cases (not to name any in specific) in the past that have upset me personally. Cases where a contender has been knocked out only to receive further unnecessary heavy strikes, with the single justification that "the referee stops the fight, not me". Marquardt showed us on Sunday that this needs not necessarily be the case. After landing a devastating right cross that knocked Maia to the ground and effectively rendered him out of contention, Marquardt rightfully chose to stop his follow up punch and gave the referee the chance to make an obvious decision and end the match in Marquardt's favour. Again, I'm not necessarily a fan of either fighter, but Marquardt got some strong points in my book from this fight. Heads up to Marquardt for a brilliant knock out, and a show of respect and good sportsmanship.
  4. Well, cagefighting is different. Hopefully Fedor will get schooled in strikeforce (whilst maintaining his undefeated streak), and will pick up whatever necessary experience he might need to face the UFC contenders in the future... I'll be naive and expect Fedor to be fighting in the UFC by Aug 2010.
  5. Haha, nice first post. Can't believe I didn't make the conection before :D
  6. First post man, so I won't blast you XD. Use the search feature and I'm sure you'll find a few answers to your question ...
  7. What's next for Anderson Silva? Now that he's moved on to the LHW division, I wonder whether he'll stay there. I suppose he could jump up and down between LHW and MW, and take on anyone who seems to pose enough of a threat from his current (MW) champion domain. However, I'm beginning to wonder how credibal this would be. There's been alot of talk about Silva retiring rather soon, but I'm not certain about the credibility of these claims. Assuming that the claims are reliable, I would think that Silva doesn't have too much time to prove himself in the LHW division before he has to retire. Therefore, I'd imagine it would be difficult for him to continue fighting in two weight classes (seeing as the training for a match requires quite a prolongued period of time). Does this mean he would simply surrender the MW belt and commit to the pursuit of the LHW belt? This scenario brings up another problem though. Silva has repeatedly claimed that he will duck any fight against the current LHW champion Lyoto Machida. That being said, he may not be able to ever attain the LHW belt seeing as Machida might hold on to his position for quite a while. But i suppose if Machida loses then Silva could theoretically step in and face the LHW champion at that time. Personally I'd love for Silva to face a whole array of new adversaries in the LHW weight class. He could possibly have a rematch with hendersson, but if he wins he should surrender the belt and dedicate himself to the LHW division. As for his "friendship" with Machida, I don't quite understand his justifications. I mean, sure we all have friends and allegiances, but this is a professional organization which attempts to determine the 'Ultimate Fighter' (of Mixed Martial Arts) of a selected weight class. To me a friendship doesn't rule-out the posibility of a fight between two of the greatest fighters in the sport to determine which would come out on top and earn the rank of Champion. Anyway, that's my take, what's yours?
  8. Well, I gotta admitt I'm quite tired of the hypothetical fight scenarios in general. Tired of Fedor vs. UFC discussions, tbh i've just resolved to remain neutral. But I would love to know who and when the Last Emperor will be fighting next. Will it be Barnett, Rogers, or (hopefully) Overeem? That's the real question at the moment... Hopefully he can rip through those contendors fast enough to get back into talks with the UFC. And ****, why can't the UFC just co-promote ONE fight rather than a whole event? Well, better not to get into all that now, I guess I do still have some drizzle of intrigue regarding the subject...
  9. Agreed, I'd also like to see a bit more diversity in the UFC. There are so many Asian fighters that are on a higher plateau of skill compared to the current UFC competitiors. The only problem is that there really isn't a huge tradition of grappling in Asia, except for maybe former USSR states, Japan and Mongolia who seem to be quite successful with olympic Judo and Wrestling. Well, hopefully MMA will spread further in Asia, and we can see some phenomenal strikers comming over from there.
  10. It's a shame when **** just don't work out, it's people that **** everything up. Whatever, don't care. At this point I just wanna see Fedor fight someone half decent, that's all.
  11. Oh ****, how could I forget this bottomless well of info called Wikipedia ... I trust they'll have info on other events in the future. But hell, like you said, not too reliable. It's always better to consult the active community .
  12. Well... Not a big fan of either . But I'm giving the edge to Mir. Kongo's got great stand up, but I dunno what else he can bring. Mir's maybe not on the same level with his striking, but he can hang in and take kongo to the ground. If that happens Mir shouldn't have too hard of a time tapping kongo. Won't be a very lively match if you ask me. It'll be Mir looking for the clinch/takedown, then Kongo clinching on his back waiting for the buzzer... :/
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