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  1. Sup brah. Who wins the Shogun v Hendo fight?
  2. You watching Thursday Night football brah? Bush is taking care of business.
  3. seriously, tiberius? c'mon -sincerely, leonie
  4. It's pretty straight forward in my opinion. Most of the regular members (not many total because the site isn't well run) are immature, don't have wives/girlfriends, don't have a career/business or interests etc to balance their lives. So they form little loser cliques on here with other losers. I'll admit it, surprise surprise, adult males who are losers are totally worthless to me. I don't even class them as real men. They are like a fungus on society. I honestly equate their worth with bath room mold. These types of defectives hate happy people. They hate people with a life. They hate people who aren't a loser like them. So what will happen is I will identify some loser who needs to hear a dose of reality on here and then the other losers, surprise surprise, all side with that loser or try to attack me. What they don't seem to understand is, as I outlined in the first paragraph, I place no value on their lives at all. In fact, if they suddenly got shot to death I would be happy about it and consider it a sort of cleansing of the gene pool/ranks of society. So given that, how dumb do they have to be to think I care how upset/inadequate I make them feel? It's deliberate. I want them to feel lower than a pregnant ant's belly lol The end. Your pal and all 'round good bloke Tiberius
  5. I was hoping a Maori was gonna stab a frenchie lol But you could see there was like a camera and camera guy in between in "no man's land" lol so you knew the two sides wouldn't clash. Great way to start proceedings though.
  6. ****. Imagine winning or losing a world cup by a single point. That's pretty intense. Well done my kiwi brothers!
  7. A lot of anger and intent in that confrontation. Let there be blood! War All Blacks!
  8. Yeah shin, and have I ever busted into a thread and said something childish and stupid about your ride? Have you ever busted into a thread and said something childish and stupid about my ride? Of course not. Because we are grown *** men and that's why we don't bother each other on here. Just enjoy the fights and have a laugh. But that's not the case with many of the other posters on here. They post so much childish stupid **** and try to bring everyone down to their level. Both the_enigma and Buzz_Kill have been doing it constantly and you know by now that I will always treat them accordingly.
  9. Yes France are a good team and have done better against the All Blacks then just about any other team in the world, but everyone has to pay the piper eventually and the frogs are going to pay a heavy price for their insolence this evening lol
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