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  1. When I sweat profusely between my thighs and get a rash so bad that it hurts to walk. When I take a dump and think I got it all, but the poop gets smeared between my **** hair, and thus receive a rash that it too hurts to walk. Combination of the two.
  2. Next Season: "Canadian Mountie versus English Queen's Guard."
  3. If anyone can beat Brock, Shane Carwin is that guy $14, I said this in another thread earlier, that I think in order to beat Lesnar you have to fight fire with fire, and Carwin possesses a few of the same strengths as Lesnar, he has wrestling background such as Lesnar, great standup (obviously) which Brock still needs to perfect tremendously (unless he has been training for that, but holding back, we'll see) I also feel that he will outclass, and outsmart Brock, attempt to bait him in, and then seal the deal. I will say that it will end in the second round however, maybe third, but that's pushing it.
  4. Where do you work/live in Arizona?
  5. I strongly believe in my opinion that either Shane Carwin or Cain Velasquez will be the guys to dethrone B ROCK. My reasoning is that in order to beat him, I think you have to fight fire with fire, and Carwin or Cain have the edge to do it. I am a big Brock fan, but I'm not blind to talent and skill, these will be B Rock's last few months on top, by the end of the year Brock will be title less and have to go back to the drawing board, creating Brock versus Cheick Kongo as he works his way back up, or Dos Santos vs Brock. *edit* I voted Bisping btw.
  6. I think it doesn't hurt to try it for, I prefer not to, had a couple of bad apples from it, it's the devil.
  7. Well, it's not a UFC fighter, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings over on Warner and Gilbert here in AZ, I look over my shoulder and see WWE Wrestler Shelton Benjamin walking my way. He came to watch the fights, it was Wrestlemania weekend at the time, so that explains him driving about an hour to watch the fights, he just happened to pick my UFC joint that night. https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=7fb0ec99e4&view=att&th=127a45c56b658108&attid=0.1&disp=inline&zw Take note of the notorious "Fist Pose" (related thread I made about it on the outside UFC forum)
  8. You know what I am talking about, everyone does it when they get their pictures taken with fighters, they do that fist by their chin pose, or something to that state. I had my photo taken with Ryan Bader and Aaron Simpson about a year ago. I must say I look goofy as hell , even though I am as big as Bader, my fist was not in the right position I wanted it. Anyhow, my point being is, I would like to a pose that is random, off the wall different, any suggestions? Cain Velasquez and Efrain Escudero are coming to the Mall here on April 10th, in Mesa AZ, Bloodsport Gear, same place Bader and Simpson were at. I was thinking about raising Cain's hand in victory pointing at him with my other hand. I just think that popular fist pose is outplayed and boring. (I will however do the fist pose as a last resort alternative still, don't get me wrong.)
  9. What I can't stand is trying to find the cleanest stall when you can hear and feel it churning inside your stomach, I remember going to the Discount tire store here, and right when I hit porcelain, It just dumped, into a puddle pile what I like to call Poop Mountain. You know, when the crap is higher than the water is.
  10. Back to page 4, the talk of the losers. Losers only read other people referring to people being losers...IM A LOSER!
  11. A herd of elephants to drink the water. A drought Ethiopians to drink the water..next to the Elephants.
  12. Back on Topic He will open the "whooosh" doors and slay them all. (Despite them being the form of UFC peoples)
  13. Of editing Dan Hardy's Wikipedia page, take a look: (In bold italics) Title Aspirations On November 14, 2009 at UFC 105 he faced Mike Swick who replaced an injured Kim Dong-hyun.[17]. At a press conference in Manchester [18] Hardy and Swick discussed the winner of their fight getting a title shot against Georges St-Pierre. Hardy was the underdog coming into the fight,[19] but managed to rock Swick early in the first round with a straight right hand which appeared to dent the American's confidence.[20] Swick appeared to be uncomfortable standing toe-to-toe with the Englishman and Hardy proceeded to rock him again in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.[21] Hardy won the fight by unanimous decision and booked his place as the number 1 contender for Georges St-Pierre's Welterweight title. In being awarded the title shot, Hardy became the first British fighter in UFC history to receive one. UFC President Dana White confirmed at the post-fight press conference that the fight would most likely be held in Las Vegas. Dan stated in a post-fight interview with Sherdog.com that the next event in Las Vegas (UFC 109) in February was a little too early for him and he would much rather wait.[22] Hardy is currently ranked the number 4 welterweight in the world by Sherdog.com.[23] Even though Sherdog is an unofficial, and uncredited resource to obtain any valuable information from, it's safe to say that Dan Hardy has not fought anyone near GSP's caliber, and will get slaughtered in his quest of becoming the next UFC Welterweight Champion. Hardy will fight Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title on March 27, 2010 at UFC 111 which will take place in Newark, New Jersey. [24] Don't worry Hardy fans, I'm sure they'll fix it soon.
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