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  1. Does anyone remember this? http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/The-Cautionary-Tale-of-Lee-Murray.html
  2. Liddell paces like he does because he gets excited/nervous. I do it too depending on the situation I'm in. If I'm having a serious conversation and I know a lot of people are watching me I start getting twitchy and have to move around a lot. Not to mention how bad he wants to fight Ortiz. Any conversation dealing with Ortiz makes his blood pump. About Shields and Liddell going after Ortiz. If Shields signs with the UFC I think he needs to be watched. He seems like a guy who will bang it out at anytime. haha. Like last night with Ortiz and Strikeforce when Miller stepped up to him.
  3. The shin connected with his jaw. There is no way someone can fake an injury that quickly. As soon as he connected Tavares went down. Also: *This video only gives more proof that the shin connected *Seth started apologizing as soon as it happened which means the kick connected and he knew what he did *Tavares was rocked with a flash KO and didn't know what happened or where he was *Tito's assistant coach made an official apology after the episode aired and said that he watched the video afterwards and that it actually connected Tito and assistant coach didn't start shouting that it was a bad call until ONE of the judges said that the kick didn't land.
  4. Watch the shin, ****. Ortiz's assistant coach even came out and apologized after he watched the tape.
  5. How can you not like this guy? Liddell is legit. He's just a real guy that likes to fight. He doesn't pretend to be someone he's not on camera just to get noticed, he's real the whole time. I've always liked Liddell but I admit I was proud as hell on the last episode of TUF when Tito tried to run at Joe Henle and Liddell ran over to back Henle up. Man, Liddell was ready to throw those hands! Don't f*** with one of Liddell's fighters, especially if your Tito "Always has excuses" Ortiz!
  6. No, I think the third round was legit. You can't depend on what Dana thinks all the time. Remember, he just THINKS he's a judge. In the first fight Kris had dominant position but didn't try to finish the round most of the fight, while Noke was doing more damage from the bottom. If your in dominant position on top, you shouldn't be the one taking the punishment. Noke stole the round by trying to finish the fight. The second round was all Kris.
  7. Some of the **** comments you guys are posting is ridiculous. BJ Penn had no damage? I had to laugh at this. Are you guys serious or did I watch the wrong fight? Go back and look at Penn's face. Penn looked slow, and gassed very easily, with minimum body movement while trying to counter strike. Edgar had the better crisp boxing landing more jabs and combos, set up most of the fight with leg kicks, controlled the cage, had nice head movement, and managed two takedowns. Tell me what exactly Penn did that makes you think he won this fight.
  8. Fast_Knockout

    Ufc 112

    **** u and ur 9 posts.
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    Ufc 112

    These are just my views on UFC 112. You don't have to like them or agree. Please only reply if you have been a fan of MMA for longer than a year. Thanks. 1) Anderson Silva is the greatest Middleweight champion of all time. You might not like how he acts, but you can't agrue that he doesn't have the talent. I'm sort of half hearted on his performance tonight. Usually I dislike when a fighter disrespects his opponent in and out of the ring. But, when Silva was playing with Maia tonight, I had to cheer and clap along with the rest of my local sports bar. I mean, the way he was literally PLAYING with Maia as if he was fighting a small child with the dancing, air guitar, running, getting on his knees, etc. How could I not cheer for the most dominant fighter in the history of the UFC? I give props to Maia though, when he finally got pissed in the 5th round, that was some of the most instense moments I've ever had the pleasure of watching, especially while he throwing left and right hooks from his knees. 2) Dana White, I'm starting to like you more and more. Tonight you showed that you were a true MMA fan by storming out of the arena. I enjoyed watching Silva's childish but highly entertaining antics, but I can see where your coming from when you say that you want to see a champion fight like the professional he is and not spit on the sport that is already being called the new level of **** fights. 3) Frankie Edgar was the better man tonight. I don't want to hear "There was something wrong with Penn before the fight" and "He looked injured in the locker room". Well guys, guess what? Penn is a professional damn fighter. He knows when he can and can't fight. If there was something wrong, he should have said something and canceled the fight. It would have been disappointing, but better than taking the chance of losing his belt. I admit that I thought Penn would tear through Edgar, but tonight Edgar showed that he has the skills to be champion. He took down Penn twice, something that Sanchez or Florian couldn't do, and even beat him in striking through most of the fight. I had Edgar winning 2 rounds and one round being a draw. He had great head movement, controlled the cage, picked away at Penn with jabs and combos, utilized his leg kicks, took Penn down twice, and kept up the pace all five rounds, while Penn mostly stayed in one spot and tried to counter punch. Penn looked gassed halfway through the second round. Train for five rounds or prepare to lose. If there was something actually wrong with Penn, then he needs to talk it over with Dana White, and if it's valid let him have a shot at the title after two or three wins. (No Urijah Faber with one win against a nobody and recieving another shot at the title) Until then Penn needs to throw his plans of moving up to Welterweight aside. 4) The Gracie name just doesn't seem to be what it use to be. After watching Royce Gracie getting pounded by Hughes, followed by the disgrace of Rolles Gracie at the hands of Joey Beltran at UFC 109, and finally ending with Hughes knocking out Renzo Gracie, it seems that MMA's oldest family are losing their credibility. It seems to be that Renzo was the last hope for the Gracie family since his very talented brother, Ryan Gracie (5-2), died back in 2007. 5) Great win, Hughes. But, you should look into retirement pretty soon. Your a sure in for the UFC Hall Of Fame. 6) Why does everyone keep doubting Mark Munoz? His record is currently at 8-1 with his only loss to Matt Hamill at UFC 96. This guy went 2-0 in the WEC both by (T)KOs before joining the UFC and currently at 3-1. Munoz is a deadly striker with very heavy hands. 7) Tonights biggest disappoint to me was that Paul Taylor wasn't cleared to fight. I always love watching Taylor and get excited for any card Joe Silva sets him up on. As my favorite Lightweight gone Weltweight, I was looking forward to another FOTN from Taylor.
  10. I was going for Penn but I have to say that this was no Machida/Shogun decision. If anything the UFC would want the hype train surrounding Penn to KEEP GOING, not stop. This means that the judges actually scored Frankie correctly, and he was just the winner this night. Whoever said that comment about the 3 round 5 five round fight is just stupid. Penn could beat Edgar in a five round fight? Good thing this is a CHAMPIONSHIP fight. Train for 5 rounds or prepare to lose.
  11. Are any going to be shown on Spike TV? I'm disappointed about Paul Taylor not being able to fight. I was really looking forward to it.
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