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  1. Where you at fellas? I kid, any and everyone is welcome up in here. What's the deal with these forums these days, trolls aplenty in the UFC section I'm guessing?
  2. Man you guys are nuts for ordering cards like last night's. I mean, I love this sport but $60 is too much to do every event. And Dana always talks about not being like boxing and doing one fight, but we've seen it now way too much. UFC 124, 135, 137, 145, 148 all stick out in the last year and change. It's getting crazy. Gotta pick and choose, I've ordered three this year - 143, 146 and 148. Really haven't felt totally ripped off for any of them. Sure some fights didn't play out like I thought they would, but man you just have to order when your guys are fighting and otherwise just go to a sports bar.
  3. towhatend

    The Real Reason ...

    Weedman is a lightweight and fights in Bellator
  4. All I know is that Weidman/Belcher and W. Silva/Belfort were going to get made and Lombard was going to get the title shot had he won, now it's all up jacked up again.
  5. Hahaha, I tweeted something like this before the fight. Even so, frustrating fight to watch.
  6. I figured I'd get bashed if I put this in, but I couldn't agree more.
  7. Dang, I feel really lucky that I was able to watch Hendo/Shogun live. What a crazy night that was, same night as Chandler vs. Alvarez which owned.
  8. He's going to make it up to you, you just have to give him (more of) your money at a later date. And those tickets, they'll still say "card subject to change" on them.
  9. Over-saturation in the UFC is becoming a very real thing. Karl Amoussou went beast mode with that heel hook Friday, and I honestly think Pat Curran vs. Patricio Pitbull could be a FOTY contender. Can't wait for that one next month.
  10. Ok, I really hate the phrase "zuffa zombies" but far too many peeps proved themselves to be just that last night. All of the confusion why Lombard "wasn't fighting like himself" completely exposed you. Sure, if you watch his YouTube highlights you'd think he just runs across the cage and pummels his opponents. Watch his full fights, however, and you'll notice something different. Sure there were the quick KOs of Jay Silva and Whisper Goodman (who had no business being in the cage with Lombard) but he didn't bum rush any of them; he set up punches and swarmed them after their were hurt. Watch his fights with Alexander Shlemenko, Vitale, and Prangley - to name a few - and you'll notice something: he's patient. Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock talked about it all the time, when they asked Hector fight after fight how he was planning on winning the fight, he'd shrug and say "by decision." He never forced himself to go for the knockout, and that's exactly why he got them. See Gray Maynard in round one of Edgar II vs. rounds 2-5. Not trying to say his fight against Boetsch didn't suck - it did - but for Lombard this wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Do your research.
  11. Understatement of the year. Main card sucked, prelims were awesome.
  12. Yup, heard several people talk about this. Chris Lozano tweeted about seeing Cerrone consistently getting the better of Guillard in practice from when he was training at Jacksons.
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