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  1. Not a chance in hell hes captain america but we will and neva beat the current shogan......noway its going to be hard for any top 5 LHW to take that belt from him now hes got it nevamind a ageing randy
  2. neilarms

    Dan hardy

    I like Kos but the last 2 fights he has used dirty tactics and faking injury and then after that the fight has changed in his favour. Hardy will neva bridge the gap with gsp cause when he walks through Kos in style hw will vacate the belt because there is nothing left for him at WW he beaten a division, theres nobody on his athletic ability and fighting level and he would have done the Ultimate fighter series........... what else is there but go up for new challenges
  3. If anybody thinks randy has a chance of beating shogan then they are deluded!!!!!!, he would murder randy and thats coming from somebody who really likes him, cant see shogan givin up this belt for a while
  4. lol yeah well thats all im saying is where was the striking that hardy was going to do????, he had the time before gsp took his **** down he knew how good gsp was on the ground but had no take down defense and no answer to any of his takedowns. I tell you what he did for 25mins and that is survive and that he did very well, il stick to my word he isnt even a top 5 ww
  5. Well im british and frankly i dont care what anybody says but gsp is my boy always belived in him and always loved his style, great champion humble and well worth every bit of hype. I never doubted for one second that hardy would bring anything but a punchers chance and that he didnt bring just like serra and alves and fitch a complete one sided domination of a fight. There can be no haters and no doubters at all from now on because that just proves that hes the number 1 ww in the world hands down. Dan hardy now must be shoving his head in the ground after all the ******** hes spoken about gsp and how he must realise what a true lesson in mma he had from the canadian. Landed for gsp great for the sport great for mma and what a nice guy
  6. Mcsweeney??????????????????????? hes the biggest ***** in the ufc cant wait to see that english prick get knocked the **** out!!!
  7. Get betta brock and back to full strength and size and lets see you smash frank motor mouth mir again.
  8. Please somebody needs to blow this guy off the forum!!!, narrow minded ***** like this is what this forum website and ufc dont need!!!!. If you think your so right in the word semetex and anything else that might hurt your aunties, mammys, grannys feelings do a poll on here and lets see how one sided it will go?. I bet my bolloxs on it you will lose!..... go piss off another forum! with your lame ******** posts.......... gimmie a hell yeah!!!!! lol
  9. I like hardy, his progress as an athlete, his way of antagonizing his oppents but this kind of behoviour is jut going to back fire on him after the fight. In FOUR! ufc fights hardy hasnt finished exactly one fighter with strikes, the rest hes taken the distance and if theres one thing you dont want to engage st pierre, is a distance fight. Hardy with one win over a top 10 welterweight can step in for a title bid purely on the fact that st pierre has beaten everyone else worth fighting. The build up to this fight will be one thing convincing fans hardy has a chance in hell. Look what everyone was saying previous to pierre fight thiago, oh he got tagged by serra thiago is one of the best strikers and he wont live with him...... a complete one sided fight that destroyed thiago and broke him, the same will happen to daley gsp will walk through him and just like hardy and daley they got one thing..... a fighters punch thats it.
  10. Guys come on be serious this guy is going to have a bright future in mma hes a gentic freak!, an ex polish national boxing champion and captured the world strongest man title within 2 yrs of coming out of prison. He isnt your typical strong man much smaller than the past winners, explosive power and fast twitch muscle fibers, very very athletic and amazing dedication but through pure genetics and hard work he remains probaly one of the grestest of all time strong men. I read once that when he won the strongest man for the 1st time he was still clocking 100 meters in 11 sec!!! thats truely amazing consisdering hes was weighing at a nice 19 stone..... workout the maths on that one . He's obviously blessed with natural strength and amazing gentics alot like brock, hes neva going to lose that strength and with a good camp this guy is going to walk through the heavy weight division and im a massive brock fan, but when people say brock has alot of natural talent this guy is just that little more special. See him kicking that guy holy **** he hets hold of anybody goodnight!, like brock hes got a good base but with something nobody has utter brutal strength and natural power.
  11. Well im fron the uk and Mcsweeney running his mouth acting likes hes got a tonne of fights under his belt and then sticks his chin out........... POW!!!!! Cheers roy think you just tagged that arrogant prick for the whole TUF audiance
  12. Guys please pull your head out of your asses!, you have all seen the videos, blogs interviews and clips on youtube, do you really think brock actually gives a **** that any of you respect him??? the ufc will still pay him mega bucks if he keeps on fighting and the mma world will still tune into every ufc event he headlines or fights in......Fact!. Your talking about a guy who doesnt even own a mobile phone, internet or watch tv unless its a hunting show, hes a multi millionare and hes come to do one thing fight, if he keeps on wining fights and remains champion ppl will still be drawn to the guy... love him or hate him hes a winner because he brings something different to the sport than the next mma fighter.
  13. I say nomore you just hit the nail on the head no more posts from me on this subject.... Fact!!!!!
  14. How the hell can anybody call penn overated??? hes just whooped and i mean dominated the number 1 contender florian when alot of ppl wrote penn off. The master will be killed yeah right? that went to plan????. Hes called the prodigy for a reason the guy is the master in the LW div
  15. There is noway in hell diego will beat penn, standing up or on the mat.... this is penns house at LW, hes reinvented his game, taking his strength and training much more serious hes holding that belt for a while period.
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