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  1. Hambo91

    Let's end this thing....

    what? he's a legend, loved him in pride and SF.
  2. Condit ran and played the points game the entire fight, had potential to be a great fight, shame they let greg jackson head coach of team safe anywhere near it.
  3. I feel that we'll see the best Anderson Silva come out vs cheal sonroid.
  4. A combat sport has to be commissioned by a government body. The UFC has to then invite these bodies to their events otherwise they'd be illegal. They have no control over these as they are government (or state government in the us(lol)).
  5. Not to mention Anderson has only ever looked in trouble on his back, Mike will stand with him.. it will either be a short night, or a long embarrassing fight for the count
  6. I'm British, not a fan I think he's arrogant and annoying
  7. Hambo91

    ufc 140

    Seriously, stop putting gifs after everything you post, they're old, boring and everyone has seen them 100 times. It adds nothing to your post, it just makes you look like an illiterate 10 year old hick.
  8. Diaz should be ready to fight off his back, GSP won't box with him for a second...
  9. lol at the people saying he was just a movie star... he was of the most healthy athletic human beings of all time
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