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  1. The womens BW division is dead as long as Ronda is there.Zingano was the only person who genuinly had a chance to beat her,but she f***** up big style.Im just glad I dont pay PPV to watch.
  2. If it was a submission match then I would agree.Being realistic this is never gonna happen but something needs to be done because the womens BW division is now dead.
  3. Lawler would destroy Diaz who is now just a c-sucker who would rather taunt than fight.
  4. Absolutely spot on.Im based in the UK so i pay £5 a month BT Sport for my UFC events.Up until the last 6 months or so i watched every UFC /TUF programme but now im finding myself just watching the co-main and main events.Plus theres the money for UFC "Fight Pass" which showed probably the worst ever seasons of TUF,with the UFC China and Mexico vs Latin America.Did anyone actually force themselves to watch that c***? 2 years ago i would have said you cant have enough MMA,but its obvious you can. UFC 184 will probably get a half decent PPV with Rousey fighting,but when shes won and totally cleaned out the division then even Rousey wont be a big draw anymore. UFC 185 looks a great card but after that i wouldnt want to be paying money for some very mediocre cards.
  5. GOAT isnt the word i would call Rogan if im honest.
  6. gazlufc

    Diaz won every round

    Everybody welcome Stevie Wonder to the UFC forum!
  7. Just curious if anyone else used the mute button last night.We all knew Silva broke his leg but Rogan didnt go more than 3 seconds without mentioning it.Im sure he said at least 4 times that "Silva is kicking fine,even with a broken leg". Didnt someone tell him it had healed? Go back and do your stupid Fear Factor programme and other crap!!
  8. This has got to be the stupidest ever thread from the i want to suck Nick Diazs **** fanclub!
  9. We're only into the second episode and already theres some morons with "This sucks" and "Gonna be worst season ever!". So far I think both fights aint been bad,must admit ive only heard of Calderwood and Daly. Not gonna pick who I think will win but from what ive seen so far Markos has good wrestling and took some good shots from IMO an overated Torres,she could go far but I feel a better wrestler could cause her more problems.As for Calderwood shes got excellant Muay Thai and good BJJ.She could win this if she keeps distance,but a strong wrestler may grind her down. Finally I just want to put on record I would seriously smash Felicia Herrigs back doors in!! Shes hotter than Daves Insanity Sauce!
  10. You could see Davis was crapping herself as she walked out.The womens BW division at the moment is a joke,its like having a Ferrari parked in a Toyota garage and to be fair to Rousey its not her fault,as a person i cant stand her but she can kick **** and will continue to do so until the Cyborg match happens and it cant happen soon enough!
  11. Is this guy serious? Us brits have to suffer the american s**** almost every week. LOL, you're obviously biased. I'm neither american, nor british and I can tell you Rogan is THE best. He actually knows what happens and points out interesting nuances to the viewer often forseeing what will happen next.Those British laymen only see what everybody saw. I can see why some do like Rogans commentary but for me being a BJJ Brown belt i know whats happening and its like Ronaldo telling Messi how to kick a football. Michael Schiavello should be the commentator and get rid of Goldberg and Rogan!
  12. Am i the only person who gets slightly annoyed by all the stupid oversized pics on everyones post? So glad that the gifs got banned lets hope the admins do something about this next!
  13. I really dont see the attraction of this Fight Pass.Its basically all the crap cards and stupid TUF China and TUF Brazil crap and lets be honest we arent overly bothered about.Theres always somewhere in the intersteller highway where i could watch those fight should i wish to do so. P.S. Piracy is wrong,unless you cant afford it!!
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