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  1. If Stipe wins I would have him fight Francis Blaydes vs TBB #1 contender fight Winner of JDS/Rozenstruick vs Reem/Sakai
  2. I thought the same but it looked clean in the replays.
  3. The Black Beast and WeidGOAT here to take over.
  4. Marty>Masvidal and always will be. Time to come to terms with it.
  5. I like Garbrandt, he doesn't deserve a title shot at 125
  6. The federal agents that were "causing violence" left the city last week. Yet the violence continues... Protesters in Portland, Oregon, defied police orders to disperse and threw rocks, frozen or hard-boiled eggs and commercial-grade fireworks at officers as unrest in the Northwest city continued early Saturday. An Oregon State Police Trooper was struck in the head by a large rock and suffered a head injury, police said in a release. The trooper's condition was not immediately known. Some demonstrators filled pool noodles with nails and placed them in the road, causing extensive damage to a patrol vehicle, police said. Oregon State Police worked with Portland officers to clear the protesters. “Officers are having rocks and chunks of concrete thrown at them,” police said on Twitter. “Individuals in the crowd are shining lasers trying to blind officers.”
  7. Would you like a cake for your birthday?
  8. It's been reported that this Snyder cut of justice league will be 3.5 hours long. No thanks
  9. My brother and my parents watch it and they have both gave similar reviews.
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