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  1. Please DM your pics to Lenny for approval.
  2. That's too advanced, we are busy double subsidizing fields of giant windmills and claiming they are "competitively priced" compared to our current options.
  3. Nuclear is the best option imo. I think the Japan power plant scared some people but if you build inland, they would be really safe and cheap. They are planning a natural gas plant on the west side of my state. It will be a couple of years before they start construction I think.
  4. We have a coal mine and power plant in central ND. All of the power is sent to Minneapolis and Wisconsin. The plant was meeting the Paris Climate Accord standards before it was ever signed but Minnesota is pushing towards renewable energy. The company that owns it wants to shut it down and use the existing line for wind power. The landowners got together and said they didn't agree to put wind towers on their land. They obviously want to sell their coal and the plant is basically keeping a small town alive as it employs 260 people. Now the company is trying to sell it instead.
  5. Gas and Diesel engines are also greatly advancing. The new Chevy Duramax Half Ton Pickup gets a legit 30 mpg on the highway. My friend has one and took it on a vacation which was about 440 miles roundtrip. 4 people in the vehicle plus luggage. He still had a quarter tank left when he got home and it's only a 22 gallon tank with the reserve. Total cost of fuel on the trip, about $40.
  6. Exactly. The infrastructure isn't there. People seem to think that we have infinite, cheap electricity. The more we transition to renewable energy, the less available power we have and the more expensive it gets. They are just not as efficient as our current power plants. There are still issues with cold weather and batteries. It's freezing in a big portion of the US for 4 months out of the year and Lithium batteries still don't like the cold. They tested a Tesla in 2019, it used double the anticipated power while driving in 10 degree weather. The base model Tesla 3 costs $40,000 and in the winter the range will be 130-150 miles. I will gladly spend the extra $1500 a year on gas when I get double the range.
  7. It's OK if he lies at every turn as long as he speaks nicely to people. $4 gas is going to be fun to have again.
  8. Collectively, about 727,000 electric-drive vehicles were sold in 2019 — and just under half of those were plug-in electric cars capable of operating on electricity alone. For comparison, a total of 17 million new light-duty vehicles were sold in 2019 according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
  9. I know you are excited about your Tesla stock but there is zero chance we are EV only in 9 years.. There are 270 million cars in the US. The actual percentage of fully electric cars on the road in the US is extremely small compared to gas engines. California's target to sell only EV vehicles is 2035 and that's been said to be ambitious. AKA, it will never happen.
  10. In other new Seattle and Portland are still ****holes. In Seattle, about 150 people marched with large banners that said “Abolish ICE, no cops, prisons, borders, presidents.” Some spray-painted buildings with an anarchist symbol and broke windows, including at a federal courthouse. In Portland, about 200 people clad in black marched to the local Democratic headquarters, where some of them smashed windows and tipped over garbage containers, lighting the contents of one on fire. Portland Protesters Smash Windows of Local Democratic Party Headquarters
  11. Agreed, I think it would have previously but now neither side has a lot to gain so who knows.
  12. From what I understand a few Dems are against it as well so unless they fold they will need more than 10. IMO it's a waste of money. There are ways to target the people that need help without giving everyone money.
  13. You're an idiot. Due to the large amount of mail in voting, a lot of votes were cast before the person died.
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