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  1. Definitely interesting. It's a concept and world we haven't really seen in a long time.
  2. Yetis for multi infernos, Bowlers for bases with mostly single infernos. The bowlers got me my 3 star but I was able to open up a lot of the base with quake.
  3. If there was ever a time for a third party independent to have a legit shot, this would be it. Unfortunately I doubt that happens and Trump stays in the Whitehouse.
  4. They will probably just give him the debate questions beforehand so he can have prepared answers like they did for Killary.
  5. Bernie dropped out of the race. Biden vs Trump
  6. Follow up video he did a few days later.
  7. Not sure how legit this guy is but it's an interesting take. He has a couple of videos and tweets now discussing how we need to make some changes to the treatment and how we are possibly misdiagnosing some symptoms.
  8. Athletic commissions don't have any power on tribal land. The UFC will likely provide the judges, refs, etc like they do in a lot of foreign countries.
  9. Apparently I'm not the only one that thought it looked like a Madcatz controller.
  10. That really seems like it would be the perfect job for him. It's unfortunate that he wasn't the choice.
  11. Right, they added a mic to the controller as well so people don't have to wear headsets. So now we can hear a bang when a controller gets thrown into a wall.
  12. PS5 Dual Sense controller looks like a cheap Xbox controller. It even has triggers
  13. I'm guessing it will involve ESPN somehow so Ngannou will headline that portion of the card.
  14. They've been corrupt for decades so that really isn't a surprise.
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