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  1. The CDC has updated its guidance about when a person should get the coronavirus vaccine’s second dose.

    The recommended time between doses is 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna’s vaccine.

    The CDC says while the second dose should be administered as close to the recommended time as possible, the dose can now be scheduled up to six weeks later if necessary.

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  2. 2 hours ago, -idyb- said:




    god dammit. now we cant post pictures of our grog bogs every time we disagree with someone elses opinon?   alright that settles it. that place is off the table for me

    i dont see any rules specifically stating that this isnt permitted on this forum.  @juice64011  is this type of activity tolerated? i've seen people on here drinking piss before. i dont see the harm. ive been shіtposting on here for almost 12 years now.  i'm ready to up my game.

    Please DM your pics to Lenny for approval. 

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

    Somehow the fact the first fusion reactors are being built slipped under the radar a bit. That's a huge step forwards. China, UK and France seem to have cracked it. No doubt you guys won't be far behind. 

    That's too advanced, we are busy double subsidizing fields of giant windmills and claiming they are "competitively priced" compared to our current options. 

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  4. 1 minute ago, MoZZez said:

    I'm hopeful for the new nuclear reactors being designed and built.

    Smaller, less water, more power and the waste is near non existent and can be turned into medical isotopes. 

    Coal will be gone in the next 20 years or so id guess. Even with Republican opposition, they will eventually get more on board about cleaner energy as places will start to put trade stipulations in agreements to meet X Y or Z.

    Saskatchewan has some smaller coal fire plants that are being turned off in 2030.

    But we have been building new natural gas ones and have some carbon capture technology that started very slow and looked like a waste, but has turned around and looking very promising. 

    Out here in BC power is so cheap. About the only thing cheap around here.

    Nuclear is the best option imo. I think the Japan power plant scared some people but if you build inland, they would be really safe and cheap. 

    They are planning a natural gas plant on the west side of my state. It will be a couple of years before they start construction I think. 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    It honestly blows my mind how much power your country lacks.


    Canadian electrical grid runs north south, not east west. We sell so much electricity to the states, mostly the coasts.


    I remember in the 90s we had a substation go down in Quebec and turned half the east cost off for a half day or so.

    Same with The west coast, we could turn a switch and turn those rolling brown outs into a daily event.

    There needs to be a major infrastructure improvement on the grids and the cities and I just dont see the few trillion dollars being spent to do it in the next even 30 years.

    Add in all the new technologies for everyday things.

    People used to run a coffee maker for about 1.8 amps in a kitchen. Now these machines are 1200 watts or higher. 1500 watts need gun a 20 amp breaker for a single device in your house, then a 60 amp car charger running at 50 amps. I guarantee small town older housing and the cities older **** are running on 60 to 100 amp services. Now you'll need house upgrades to 125 or 200 amp services. Multiple cars per family.


    Its just so far away. Stomp can dream that the technology is there, but the infrastructure is not.

    We have a coal mine and power plant in central ND. All of the power is sent to Minneapolis and Wisconsin. The plant was meeting the Paris Climate Accord standards before it was ever signed but Minnesota is pushing towards renewable energy. 

    The company that owns it wants to shut it down and use the existing line for wind power. The landowners got together and said they didn't agree to put wind towers on their land. They obviously want to sell their coal and the plant is basically keeping a small town alive as it employs 260 people. Now the company is trying to sell it instead. 

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  6. Gas and Diesel engines are also greatly advancing. The new Chevy Duramax Half Ton Pickup gets a legit 30 mpg on the highway. My friend has one and took it on a vacation which was about 440 miles roundtrip. 4 people in the vehicle plus luggage. He still had a quarter tank left when he got home and it's only a 22 gallon tank with the reserve. Total cost of fuel on the trip, about $40.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    I know there will be a push for them, but as Juice stated its just not going to happen.

    You dint have the power capability and the cars do not have the range at this point. They are getting much better, and eventually they will take over. But thats decades away.

    Exactly. The infrastructure isn't there. People seem to think that we have infinite, cheap electricity. The more we transition to renewable energy, the less available power we have and the more expensive it gets. They are just not as efficient as our current power plants. 

    There are still issues with cold weather and batteries. It's freezing in a big portion of the US for 4 months out of the year and Lithium batteries still don't like the cold. They tested a Tesla in 2019, it used double the anticipated power while driving in 10 degree weather. The base model Tesla 3 costs $40,000 and in the winter the range will be 130-150 miles. I will gladly spend the extra $1500 a year on gas when I get double the range. 



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  8. 20 minutes ago, SVTContour98 said:

    It's OK if he lies at every turn as long as he speaks nicely to people. 

    $4 gas is going to be fun to have again. 

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  9. Collectively, about 727,000 electric-drive vehicles were sold in 2019 — and just under half of those were plug-in electric cars capable of operating on electricity alone. For comparison, a total of 17 million new light-duty vehicles were sold in 2019 according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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  10. 35 minutes ago, StompGrind said:

    US is becoming much more energy independent since 2019. We're still gonna drill here & buy from other countries but as EV's become more available and cheaper we won't need as much.. That little pipeline was a fart in the wind in the grand scheme of things. They also just discovered a huge gas reserve. 


    EV's are 100% the future like it or not. By 2030 it will probably be only EV's over here & a lot of other places so you better get used to it & convert or be left behind.. 

    I know you are excited about your Tesla stock but there is zero chance we are EV only in 9 years.. There are 270 million cars in the US. The actual percentage of fully electric cars on the road in the US is extremely small compared to gas engines. 

    California's target to sell only EV vehicles is 2035 and that's been said to be ambitious. AKA, it will never happen. 

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  11. In other new Seattle and Portland are still ****holes. 

    In Seattle, about 150 people marched with large banners that said “Abolish ICE, no cops, prisons, borders, presidents.” Some spray-painted buildings with an anarchist symbol and broke windows, including at a federal courthouse.

    In Portland, about 200 people clad in black marched to the local Democratic headquarters, where some of them smashed windows and tipped over garbage containers, lighting the contents of one on fire.

    Portland Protesters Smash Windows of Local Democratic Party Headquarters


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  12. 46 minutes ago, 12еr said:

    The only dem I saw oppose it was Manchin and he has since walked it back. He’s the dem version of Susan Collins, he publicly disagrees and then falls in line with the party. 

    It’s the political double speak of a blue politician in a red state.

    I think it would pass as a stand alone bill, or it would have before the run offs. Maybe not now. 

    Agreed, I think it would have previously but now neither side has a lot to gain so who knows. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, 12еr said:

    I wasn’t trying to imply you are broke, dude. I was just saying to not get your hopes up on the stimulus money. Dems took the senate, but they will still need 10 republican votes to prevent a fillibuster.

    If I was Biden I would pass the stimulus payments as a separate bill because there is no chance they get 60 votes on the stimulus bill he’s calling for.

    From what I understand a few Dems are against it as well so unless they fold they will need more than 10. 

    IMO it's a waste of money. There are ways to target the people that need help without giving everyone money. 

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  14. 3 hours ago, -idyb- said:

    they are still squabbling over in north dakota, and havent yet filled in the seat for the dead republican legislator,   david andahl., who won his election a month after he died from covid

    the voters in bismarck decided that they would rather have a dead person in office rather than a democrat. their state governor burgum originally tried to appoint this washburn coal executive, republican, to the seat,  the democratic candidate thought she should have been entitled to the seat because she had the 2nd most votes in their election, and then all kinds of lawsuits started to get filed against one another and it became a mess.

    but the state supreme court seemed to have came up with a resolution yesterday


    its not huge news or anything, but i just found  it hilarious when the story first broke on election day of how north dakota somehow managed to vote a dead republican into office.  its like you could have stuck a maga hat on adolf hitler and those people in bismarck would have voted hitler in just to stick it to the liberals.

    You're an idiot. Due to the large amount of mail in voting, a lot of votes were cast before the person died. 

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  15. 7 hours ago, cashfl0w said:

    How in the actual **** do you get hit with prostitution and not SOLICITATION OF a prostitute. 

    My guy was sucking **** for money??


    His ex wife was the one with all of the money. She started some online business and crushed it, he was just leeching off of her. 


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  16. In 2020, Americans continued to move further west and south, according to the study, with Idaho, South Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota and Arizona rounding out the top five inbound states. 

    "United Van Lines' data makes it clear that migration to western and southern states, a prevalent pattern for the past several years, persisted in 2020," Michael A. Stoll, economist and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said in a release. "However, we're seeing that the COVID-19 pandemic has without a doubt accelerated broader moving trends, including retirement driving top inbound regions as the Baby Boomer generation continues to reach that next phase of life."  

    Where are all these newcomers coming from? Among the states experiencing large exoduses, New Jersey and New York topped the list along with other East Coast states: Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland. But California, one of the top states Americans moved to in 2019, made the top 10 outbound states in 2020. 


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  17. 4 hours ago, 12еr said:

    I’m sure there were some leftists there to counter the MAGAts, just like the cultists were showing up to the BLM rallies. 

    These events will also draw grifters and opportunists looking to profit off the chaos. 

    I wouldn’t read too much into the anomalies in these situations. For example there was that picture of the guy said to be a Minnesota cop who started throwing bricks into windows after George Floyd. Even if that was true, it’s not enough to try to shift blame off the looters who were not majority cops.

    They could arrest a hundred antifa for being at the capitol, but it won’t change the fact that Trumps cult led this insurrection. They were talking about it openly on Parler leading up to it. They were talking about it on Parler after. 

    Just wait to see how easily these idiots get rekt by the justice department. For all their paranoia about big tech spying on them, there morons were pretty open about their treason. They’re going to get buried with mountains of evidence that they gifted the DA.

    The minnesota cop thing was BS made up by his ex wife. It was proven that he wasn't there and I think was on duty on the other side of the city. 

    2 people from an extreme right group are facing charges though. 

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