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  1. Way more small businesses were destroyed than corporations in Minneapolis. That entire area has very few department stores in it.
  2. I think our system of government is completely broken and needs to be reworked from the ground up. The two party system is a failure. It's a largely a bunch of ambitious crooks that are worried about getting more power, more money, keeping any other party from taking their power, and keeping as many people as possible dependent on them. The few times that they have worked together recently, it's still incredibly inefficient. Government budget should be half to two thirds of what it is. The government last year was budgeted for $4.79 trillion. Think of what we could do with $1.5-$2 trillion per year. Instead it's spent on government officials, bloated salaries, bloated staff, program delays, etc. They lose tens of billions of dollars per year in waste that they can't even account for. I also understand that an armed revolt by one party isn't the way to obtain what I want. That will lead to a dictatorship which is why I agreed that the cops should have shot them yesterday. They deserved it and almost all of our country would have been fine with it happening.
  3. If Trump won and the left did the same thing, you wouldn't care. You can't have an avi of a President shooting himself in the head one day and pretend we need to respect the government the next.
  4. Just a few broken windows. Nothing to see here.
  5. At least the people yesterday targeted the specific people that they think wronged them instead of just burning everything indiscriminately.
  6. Yeah, they've been having problems since the border shutdown. I think the residents can cross for essentials like groceries but everyone that lives there relies on the resorts for work. People can't get there since they won't let campers or fisherman across, even to just drive the half hour to cross back into MN. This summer I guess a guy was taking some guests there by boat. Now they built an ice road for the next few months.
  7. How does a Canadian forget about a hockey game? You have failed your country.
  8. BTW Canadians. Since your government won't let us into Canada to get to the Northwest Angle of Minnesota, we had to make a 30 mile ice road across the lake. Quit making things difficult.
  9. You are from Canada, it's kind of expected for you to have a mullet or hockey hair.
  10. TBF I think I only pointed out that you had a mullet. I never insulted it. You should grow one again.
  11. The civil war is really interesting. I couldn't imagine some of the **** they had to deal with. When disease is killing almost the same amount of people as war, you know living conditions are about as bad as possible. I've been slowly digging through some of my grandpa's old things. He passed away long ago but my grandma left his stuff in the basement untouched. He was in the Army for 25 years and a collector afterwards. I've been finding old newspaper clippings from Korea and Vietnam era, zippo lighters from maybe WW2-Vietnam era, uniforms, helmets, tents, medals, canteens, etc. It's going to take me forever to get through everything but it's cool to see a lot of things that most people these days have never seen in person.
  12. I don't know what's worse in this post. Trying to downplay riots that destroyed or damaged 1500 buildings in just one city or the complete lack of understanding about how insurance works. Many businesses are under insured. Meaning they could lose their life's work and not get half of what it was worth while still being forced to pay to clear the rubble even if they don't rebuild. There goes someones retirement plan and any future income. Minnesota alone asked for $500 million from taxpayers to help repair the city.
  13. I believe these were the ones yelling racist **** when Nick Sandmann was accused of saying **** to the Indians. They unintentionally made him a millionaire.
  14. There was a protest in October in DC after a black man fled from police and crashed. Police made a line and stopped the crowd from entering the police station. The crowd was throwing rocks and yelling death threats. From what I can find the cops didn't do anything but block them.
  15. I think they are probably instructed to use as much restraint as possible after this summer. Minneapolis let people block an avenue downtown for 3 weeks. People were living in tents on the road. Normally they would never allow that but held off and tried to negotiate until it was obvious the people weren't leaving.
  16. If they are throwing objects or using weapons then so be it. Fuk em- Matt Serra probably.
  17. CANadians are scared to throw hands. A few tried to cuddle but the Amerigoats were having none of that.
  18. 7 busses of cops with riot gear had to be sent there to shut it down because people were starting fires in the intersection to keep warm, kicking cop cars, yelling death threats, and throwing bricks and ice at the police who were working on the scene. Just vandalism and assault this time I guess. The incident when the suspect shot himself they were smashing windows and stealing **** for sure.
  19. The Minneapolis police have 3 public bad killings in the last 5 years. The cops in each incident were prosecuted. The last riot, a guy ran from police and shot himself in the head on a crowded sidewalk, on video. This time a guy supposedly turned and shot at police before being shot on video. People were looting hours after each incident, before they even knew what happened or the cops had a chance to process the scene and release the info. They are just looking for excuses to be criminals and other innocent people are the victims of their actions.
  20. Downtown Minneapolis is full of "woke" idiots who are reacting to rumors and headlines instead of allowing people to do their jobs and letting details come out. The whole thing is going to backfire on those neighborhoods. The good cops are leaving so they will be stuck with these **** holes that no one wants. Crime is rising and many of the businesses destroyed won't reopen. Economically they have set themselves back decades and want the rest of the state or feds to bail them out.
  21. Lol at the big announcement We are proud to introduce Budweiser Zero, an alcohol free brew with the taste of Budweiser at only 50 calories and zero grams of sugar. Budweiser Zero is made for beer drinkers who are looking to cut back on alcohol, but still want the refreshment of a Budweiser.
  22. You didn't give me time to hit the campaign trail before voting began. If I win, I will ban Wickles. Choose wisely ☠️
  23. 2020 has been an interesting year Covid Riots Political division Idyb became a soccer mom
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