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  1. I finished this the other day. If you enjoy Witcher type game play and colonial times I think you will enjoy it. The decisions arent that difficult if you want a good ending but your decisions can definitely affect the story which makes it more interesting. It probably takes about 40 hours if you play the side quests.
  2. Gemini Man was OK as an action movie. Bone Tomahawk was surprisingly good when I watched it a few years ago. I was hungover when I watched it and struggled at a couple of points though.
  3. The same day he talked about possibly joining his brother and saying there isn't much keeping him in the UFC. It's really not surprising that he wants to explore other options. You can go to a much more lenient, fighter friendly organization and make the same or more money. All the UFC had going for it was its name and prestige of being a ufc fighter. You can't really capitalize on that anymore due to their sponsorship restrictions. It amazes me that more high profile guys don't make the move.
  4. juice64011

    Pettis is gone

    The total pay for Bellator's roster was projected to be around $45 million before covid. They aren't suddenly paying a guy who hasn't been really good in 5 years $2-3 mil per year.
  5. A guy casually walked into our government building with an ax and smashed the window of our senator's office and then walked back out. The video won't embed but it's in the link. https://www.facebook.com/59909762325/posts/10158476620887326/
  6. They make games compatible to the last generation for a year or two everytime a new generation of consoles is released. It's been going on for decades. It's weird how many people are complaining about it now.
  7. juice64011

    Bye bye Yoel

    Yoel is 1-4 and missed weight more than once. He has to take a lower ranked opponent to either prove he belongs or become a gatekeeper.
  8. It would be dumb for the UFC to put two rising stars against each other this early but that match-up would tell us a lot.
  9. I think Wonderboy is so nice that it led to him not taking advantage of bad positions. Toward the end of the 3rd Wonderboy tripped against the cage. Neal backed off and let him back to the center.
  10. Hardy needs to get his walk-around weight to around 255. Having to cut weight is killing his cardio.
  11. A page or 2 ago there were 15 straight posts from Idyb and MoZZez. You know your country sucks when you put that much time into posting about a place that you don't live.
  12. Make sure to watch all of the way through. There is a mid credits scene.
  13. Watching Tenet The premise of the movie is awful and largely doesn't hold up. That's 2 bad movies in a row by Nolan.
  14. I just got done playing this a few weeks ago. I can confirm that there isn't any bad language or inappropriate scenes. The only real dark planet that might be scary depending on the kids age is Dathomir since it's full of Night Sister Zombies and acolytes.
  15. Minnesota Governor has now extended the shut down past the holiday season and outlined his reopening strategy which includes outdoor dining... in Minnesota... in January... I'm sure bars and restaurants will have a lot of customers in the middle of winter when the average high is 20°F.
  16. Active cases of COVID-19 in North Dakota dropped below 3,000 on Wednesday, and coronavirus-related hospitalizations plummeted to their lowest level in nearly two months, in large part due to what state officials said was data catch-up following a recent surge in cases. Hospitalizations plunged from 277 to 160 -- a one-day drop of 42%. But about half of the hospitalizations whose status was changed involved discharges before Dec. 1, according to the Department of Health. Disease Control Director Kirby Kruger cited case workers catching up, a lag in reporting and "inconsistent" data entry. “The team took time yesterday to verify every individual currently marked as hospitalized and found a number who had been previously discharged,” Kruger said. Active cases statewide on Wednesday dropped to 2,956 -- 71% below the recent high point reported on Nov. 22.
  17. One party trying to change the results of a presidential election by encouraging faithless electors is different than a President trying to overturn an election by encouraging faithless electors? Your bias is showing.
  18. Who are these young up and comers that Yoel is going to derail? He's already lost to the top 3 middleweights. Vettori and Holland would beat him. So maybe Till who is a can and doesn't sell ppvs. If he moves up to LHW, he wouldn't be in anyone's way until he worked his way up so it's easy to avoid him unless he got a few wins. He got cut because he thought he was close to a championship fight and wouldn't accept any reasonable offers from the ufc.
  19. I agree the bold is a scummy thing to do and would end democracy. The Dems have been attempting to do it for years. In 2016 there was a Dem led national movement to have the electors vote for Kasich instead of Trump. They knew they couldn't get Republicans to switch to Hillary so they tried to pick their own Republican candidate. 1 elector in Colorado was replaced by the courts because he didn't want to follow his state's vote. They then fought the ruling in appeals courts for 3 years and got the ruling reversed so they can say **** democracy and vote for who they want. Now why would they do that? So they can move forward with their agreement to get around the electoral college because they know they can't legally get rid of it.
  20. I downloaded Greedfall on Gamepass. It's an action rpg that takes place in a fantasy world based on early colonialism. There are multiple tribes, cities, factions, etc. You have to make decisions that affect your reputation and the story. Supposedly if you want to take over the island and slaughter the tribes you can do that. Or you can try to keep everyone happy and working together. It's not from a big studio so the controls could use some refinement but that's my only issue so far.
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