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  1. juice64011

    Bye bye Yoel

    I should add, that's now two of Vert's favorite fighters that have been cut for ducking fights. Lol
  2. juice64011

    Bye bye Yoel

    Yoel was cut for ducking fights...
  3. juice64011

    Bye bye Yoel

    The Cuban Can is signing with Bellator.
  4. The first 14 day lockdown in Minnesota lasted 51 days. In November the Governor enacted a 30 day lockdown of bars, gyms, restaurants etc but then said that data would drive his decision whether to reopen after the 4 weeks. The lockdown is supposed to end December 18th. There's zero chance of him reopening things before New Years Eve and everyone knows it. Businesses are now basically unionizing against him. They are signing an agreement to reopen on December 16th no matter what. If the state tries to shut them down or fine them, they are planning to fight them in court together.
  5. It's free so I can't beat that. I got through the main storyline and its fun. It would have been better if I could find 3 other players for each mission. Besides the big missions I ran solo a lot. If this is how it was at start then it got more hate than deserved. It's not game changing but it's a fun game. There are some things that need to be changed. They need to give you access to more difficulty levels at the start. I played on hard and I think I got knocked down once the whole time I've played it. They need to improve the variety of guns and how you get them. I bought two guns for cheap in the store with 75 and 76 power. I used them the whole time as the best I have earned from playing is 35 power.
  6. I knew who she was before the show but never watched the cartoons. One of my favorite episodes even though the script could have been better. Her first scene was a great way to introduce her.
  7. Bubba, are you excited for electrodrag/ice hound spam?
  8. Lol @ wickles Early numbers for the fight had Tyson vs. Jones Jr. doing over 1.2 million buys, and now Triller owner Ryan Kavanaugh is updating that number, saying the event is currently sitting at 1.6 million buys (with still more buys from various cable companies still to be counted)! That would make the event the biggest pay-per-view of 2020. Not just in boxing. The biggest on PPV, period.
  9. Tyson vs Jones with Snoop commentating is something I never knew I needed in life.
  10. I'm working from home until at least April so have a lot of extra times so might give it a shot.
  11. Presidents have influence over the economy but some have more than others. It depends on their policies and focus. Trump had numerous economic friendly policies, multiple CEOs saying they would keep or bring their business back to the US, and his unemployment numbers were said to be almost impossible. His trade wars held us back some in the short term but could have been good in the long term. Obama restarted our economy but Trump's economy was better. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-10-30/trump-s-economy-really-was-better-than-obama-s
  12. Did they ever fix Anthem? I saw it's on game pass but the last I heard it sucked.
  13. Finished Fallen Order. Fun to play through once. Good story, characters, and game play. They integrated BD1 in well. I would run through it again if they made some changes to new journey plus. First, don't make you search for every secret and chest again. Second, give you the ability to fast travel back to your ship. Having to venture all of the way back on some levels got monotonous.
  14. You kneel before Queen Greta now.
  15. I'm about done with the game, I've looted once in probably the last month. I would have quit by now if I wasn't working from home. I might come over and spam some Electros in Mr Sparks' honor though.
  16. Stats will tell you that said fetus will become a healthy baby around 80% of the time after a known pregnancy so it's just being dishonest to say that a fetus isn't a life. Logically and statistically the fetus would become a human being most of the time if there wasn't medical intervention. I don't care if someone is prochoice as there are some valid reasons to have an abortion but just admit to what it's actually doing.
  17. So far how the vaccines all work are similar which gives me confidence in their effectiveness and safety. I will be way down the list and I'm not worried about dying from Rona so if it's available next fall, I will get it.
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