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  1. LucasUK91

    Al Turk Upset

    Sarcasm overload!!!
  2. They werent announced, but here are the scores from the ufc website Scores for SIlva were 50-45 twice and 49-46 By Thomas Gerbasi
  3. LucasUK91

    Anderson SIlva

    Im not being sensitive. I think it would be more respectful for anderson to go on the offence and finish the fight in devastating fashion. But hes blaming maia for not playing into his counter striking style, when anderson could EASILY win this fight quickly.
  4. LucasUK91

    Anderson SIlva

    When the crowd boos, anderson is screaming at maia saying "hit me" and "come to me" like its maia's fault. Anderson could bring the fight to maia and not make this a boring fight, he doesnt need maia to attack. He is just being very disrespectful to maia. And Silva is giving mma a very bad image to new people to the sport by taunting his opponent like this and not fighting
  5. i would run naked in the street with excitement if we got 2 new champions...
  6. KEN FLO! that would be a super fast paced striking match, awesome! it will suck if they put penn in for a title fight instantly
  7. i made a thread just before the fight saying how tired bj penn looked in his locker room. bags under his eyes n stuff. Bad news maybe? problems in the family? lack of sleep?
  8. He was constantly on his feet moving around while penn was slow and sluggish. speed > strength, baby
  9. The little guy was such an underdog, and he proved speed can beat power and size. Im so happy for him
  10. Franky Edgar is the new lightweight champion! WOOOOO!!!!
  11. LucasUK91

    Penn looks tired

    On the locker room clip, penn was shadow boxing to the camera. The bags under his eyes were huge, it looks like he has 2 black eyes. I wonder if he aint fully rested maybe and it could affect him
  12. i know you "true mma fans" say its all about winning. But GSP would get more respect for standing and trading with someone who is known for striking, beating someone at there own strength to prove there p4p at mixed martial arts. Even if he lost, he would get loads of respect for not being scared of striking.
  13. No. Most of the fights were good. I enjoy MIXED martial arts. GSP is just a wrestling decision machine and its not fun to watch. He should move up to middleweight and try face a challenge.
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