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  1. Really? Because besides Chuck (and only Chuck as of late) none of these guys could realistically be considered to have a "glass" jaw. Rashad Evans has ONE loss on his record. He got out struck and knocked out by Machida, an extremely well skilled striker. And it was not one punch, but an accumulation of numerous shots. Bisping, like him or not, has all of three losses on his record. ONE of those is a knockout, to Henderson, who has one of the nastiest right hands in the game. The other two were decisions. It's is in fact a rarity to see Bisping rocked. let alone in real trouble. One knockout loss, does not a glass jaw make. Franklin has 4 KO/TKO losses on his record. One to Machida earlier in his career. Machida is an elite striker, and has the potential to KO anyone he fights. Two are to Silva, whom I don't even care for, but the fact is KOing people is what he does, well. The other is to Belfort, a man with incredibly fast hands, talented boxing and brutal power. Franklin has taken shots from big, strong guys and is hard to rock. His chin is not weak. This picture should have had. Arlovski, Liddell, Jonathan Goulet and probably Kendal Grove. Arlovski and Liddell both had legendary chins back in the day, but all that damage added up. Goulet could get KO'd by a stiff breeze.
  2. Thank you for giving us all a first hand account of just how ignorant you are. You guys make it easy to spot you, and ignore everything you ever say.
  3. Right... because they should just cater to the guys who refuse to work on thier defensive wrestling and ground work...
  4. STFU and GTFO. Go back to your pro wrestling forums. ./thread
  5. All fights, title or otherwise, fighters are given one pound. It accounts for small variances, small changes in your body, and small differences in scales. It has been this way FOREVER.
  6. Voice9686

    Don't count him out..

    The difference in the wrestling, Lesnar was a two-time NJCAA, 1998 NJCAA HW Champion, two-time NCAA All American, two-time Big Ten Conference champion, and the 2000 NCAA HW Champion (DIV 1). His record over 4 years was 106-5. Velasquez was a one-time NJCAA champion, and his best two years following that were 5th and 4th place in 05 and 06 respectively, earning him two-time All American status. He compiled a record of 86-17. Not as close as you try to make it seem, though both are obviously accomplished wreslters. They also wrestled nearly 6 years apart. The bolded statement above is, by default, incorect. Tired, gassed, whatever you want to call it, Lesnar took down Carwin in their fight, and Carwin is an accomplished DIV collegiate wrestler. Carwin holds alot better striking than you give him credit for, possibly having better technique, and certainly equal technique to Cain. He also possess much more power, and even that didn't stop Lesnar. Though some are certianly not giving Cain the credit he may well deserve coming into this fight, I think you are doing the exact opposite. Perhaps the biggest differnce, is that Lesnar is the champion, Velasquez is not. Don't forget that one.
  7. Voice9686

    Uk mma > us mma

    Hey ****, Sass was fighting Holst, who is CANADIAN. Furthermore, Hardy got KTFO by a guy who has previously NOT shown one punch KO power. Hathaway's hype train got ****in derailed in dominant fashion. Oh and in answer to what Hardy did. Fitch. ./thread Of all the UK fighters on the card, NONE of them won against an American fighter. And only two won, regardless of who they were fighting. 5 out of 7 UK fighters got beat last night. You chose just about the worst time to try and make a case for UK MMA being on the rise. Just for icing on the cake, even Kongo, who trains in the UK and has for years, went to a draw with a no name rookie fighter whos only credible win is over a far-to-small for HW McSweeney. He held onto Browne's shorts for the better part of THE ENTIRE FIGHT because in the first round he got hit, hurt, and scared. UK MMA will NEVER compare to US MMA. And it will be a LONG time before a Brit holds a belt. IF, by some horrible matchmaking, Bisping was to fight for the MW belt, he would be MAULED. He wouldnt even make it past ANYONE in the top 5 of that divison. Okami, Belfort, and Marquardt would all handle him EASILY. Maia could very well beat him and he wouldnt even stand an INKLING of a chance against Sonnen or Silva.
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