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  1. Clearly everyone who just posted did not read the question...Arcane, help these kids, I figured you would have some knowledge of what the deal with McCarty and the Ufc??
  2. you know whats even worse...a jacka** that posts a worthless comment.
  3. Everybody knows that the Athletic Commission picks the Refferee's and the Judges for each fight...and Dana confirmed this on a recent episode of TUF The Aftermath by saying "The Commission pick them, I have no control over these things"..... So my question(s) is why havent we seen Big John McCarty as a Ufc official for such a long time if Dana has no control?? Big John has been reffing at all the other organizations, did Dana and McCarty have a falling out?? Why wasnt Big John an Official on the game??
  4. Bas Rutten....not alot of people remember Bas...if you dont, check him out. Anderson Silva....is possibly the baddest mo'fo on the planet Georges St. Pierre....maybe the baddest mo'fo on the planet Wanderlei Silva.. Pride days he would fight anyone, any weightclass, period. Randy Couture...2 titles in 2 divisions, 5 time champ, fought for title 15x, The Natural Bj Penn...2 titles in 2 divisions, possibly one of the greatest fighters to step in the Octagon Royce Gracie...if you dont know him shoot yerself Lyoto Machida, has big fights coming up to prove himself, but since he hasnt lost a round yet. Matt Hughes...I dont like him, doesnt mean I dont respect how he dominated for years. Dan Henderson...held 2 belts in 2 divisions, Olympic caliber wrestler and still a force in 2 weight classes today. peeps that came close to the list... Rampage, Jon Fitch, Shogun Rua(Pride dayz) Chuck Liddell
  5. Hahaha true that. In terms of Ufc the highest paid fight was Liddell/Couture II each fighter got 1 million.
  6. I read an article awhile ago that said, he is getting a few wins under him, then the UFC is suppose to bring him in. bring NINJA AND RICARDO ARONA TO THE UFC!!!!!
  7. I think they should add Leben, and Cote as well.
  8. I heard Andrei Arlovski got paid 1.5 million to get knocked out in the first round
  9. The economy continues to be the equivalent of getting hit in the groin with a golf club People from every industry getting laid off (even unnamed stormtroopers can't find work) and their will be four more UFC fighters collecting unemployment. Well, until they sign with Strikeforce. Cagepotato tells us that Justin McCully (9-5-2), Chris Wilson (14-6), Hermes Franca (19-8) and Marcus Aurelio (18-8) all were asked to pack their knives and go. All four fighters lost their last fight and over posses a combined record of 3-9 in their combined last three fights in the UFC. Plus, Hermes Franca came in four pounds overweight for his last fight. Unfortunately for these four fighters, their dismissal came on the day we found out that UFC base salaries may be on the rise over the past three years but that trend. Since WKR is not a complete glass half empty kind of site, there is some good news courtesy of MMAforReal. Local North Carolina fighter, Rodney "Sho Nuff the Master" Wallace (9-0), has signed with the UFC. Rodney is rumored to be fighting former WEC light heavyweight champion, Brian Stann.
  10. Decent, well rounded fighter. Im excited to see what he can do in the octagon. http://mmafrenzy.com/11753/ufc-signs-rodney-wallace-debut-set-for-tuf-10-finale-possibly-against-brian-stann/ UFC Signs Rodney Wallace, Debut Set For TUF 10 Finale Possibly Against Brian Stann Posted by Kris Karkoski on Oct 5, 2009 at 3:00 pm ET14 Comments Rodney WallaceThe UFC has signed light heavyweight Rodney Wallace to a four-fight deal, with ?Sho Nuff The Master? slated to make his Octagon debut on December 5 at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale, possibly against former WEC champ Brian Stann. Wallace confirmed his signing and debut in an interview with MMA For Real, but was unable to comment on the rumored matchup with Stann. Wallace (9-0), who trains out of Team ROC in North Carolina alongside Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy, won Vendetta FC?s one-night, eight-man tournament last month, defeating Aaron Stark and Antwain Britt en route to the title.
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