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  1. Evans without a doubt.
  2. How do they do it? I mean countries who use metrics? Do they use meters and grams or something?
  3. Jushindo

    Carwin vs Lesner

    It means just to let carwin beat the crap out of lesner lol
  4. Jushindo

    Carwin vs Lesner

    I really hope he beats cain. It would be nice for lenser to fight someone as big as he is without the 30lb advantage! I think its getting pretty old the way lesner just sits there and throws all those small strikes until the guy is out. He wouldnt be able to do that if he didnt have such a big weight advantage!
  5. I really dont understand how he's only had 5 fights in his whole mma career and is already the HW champ. Im not calling him bad, although i do think his style of fighting is getting kind of boring, and i am no fan of him, but what, did he just start out at like #7 in the rankings or something?
  6. No, the reason Randy Couture isnt in the game was because of the mishap about his contract. I think he wanted to fight Pride or something and his contract for the UFC wasnt expired yet. Around that time, the UFC was kind of mad at him lol But was THQ not able to make a hair style that moves while you fight in the game? Were they focusing on the graphics or something?
  7. I dont know if anyone already posted a question about this but, I was watching UFC one night, it might have been UFC99, and noticed that clay guida wasnt put into the game. Does anyone know why Guida wasnt in the game? Ive played in all weight classes and never saw him. Was it something similar to why Randy Couture wasnt in it? Did they just forget?
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