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  1. no shame in his jaw at all only shame in his stupidity against machida i mean he was talking crap with his hands down why machida was blasting him repeatedly on the jaw anyone would have been done by that
  2. definetly going to watch it on the big @$$ movie screen adn most looking forward to paulo thiago vs kampmann cause once he beats kampmann he has to get a title shot i mean come on how many ww does this guy havr to beat
  3. both should be considered top 205 pounders by any mma fan. neither should get much taken away from them for that fight
  4. shogun has proven to have the most difficulty with wrestlers and i believe rashad will have issues with shoguns muay thai i personally think its a bad match up for both and either could win. i would lean more towards rashad regaining his title through control of his emotions and also i believe he will be able to dictate the pace
  5. Fedor silva gsp aldo sheilds =====five most dominating lately in the sport of mma
  6. who takes it and dscuss if ya want
  7. simple guestion just wondering who most are rooting for between machida and shogun. from what ive seen most its pretty close but most seem to think machida will win but who do you want to win. i believe macida will get the win but will be cheering for shogun just because i feel the first fight decision to be bullpoop.
  8. lw - kenflo ww - fitch mw - nate the great except if you include pancrase lhw - i may get hell for this but -jardine hw - gonzaga or vera (he opened up with a hell of a run)
  9. id poke him in the eye and then light him up as devastating and quickly as possible and hope the ref didnt see the illegal poke
  10. stupid idea they should have andersons next fight be free that would make the most sense
  11. not going to happen now....sanchez moved back up after his demolition at the hands of the lw king,but kenny would absolutely crush sanchez...no question
  12. i think this is a great carer move for him. he might not always be the winner but dude always puts on a show. guy can bang. mcuh respect to this guy
  13. incredible fight of the two best in the world, but i claim fedor as victor in this fight as with any.
  14. The last castle - robert redford james gandolfini
  15. Top 10 (not in order, to lazy for that) Sons of Anarchy Blue Mountain State The Ultimate Fighter Band of Brothers The Wire 24 Chapelle Show The Unit Sopranos Oz
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