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  1. it would have been better if sonnen tested positive for smoking pot, but nah he's a drug cheat
  2. Cant wait to see what sonnens reply will be, maybe something like this... "It mustve been the urine from some hispanic guy, no way is that my urine" LMAO repeately, "maybe you got Lance Armstrongs urine" Hasta lavista Title shot.
  3. I find it funny how all the haters in here somehow seem to know that Nate was cheating. Your all making yourselves look like fools... lmao they wiped nates legs with an abosrbant cloth and when the sweat dried off there was no grease!!!!! hear that NO GREASE!!!! case closed Phalhares may be good at leg lock submissions but everyone knows that and are training to get out of them before fighting him. It looked like Nate was well trained to escape the submission hold and we should be applauding that not taking the cheap shots of claiming foul. Keep on crying hater fools
  4. he was thinking about his victory speach and forgot was tapping, the realised oh **** i cant lie about it, even though he stalled afterward lmao
  5. maybe he thought he could just lie about it afterwards, then he remembered this was being recorded too
  6. Your right that anyone thinking that silva would simply go out there and KO sonnen would have been surprised by what they saw. I had Silva in the 4th, i guessed its only a matter of time till sonnen would gas and he would get sloppy in the final 2 rounds. His ablility to take Silva down was impressive but what isnt impressive about sonnen. Is his inability to finish either of his last opponents. He dominated them both as you said but he did little damage to either Silva or Marquarte. It looked bad i figured the first three rounds would be a repeat of the Marqurte fight and silva would finish in the 4th. Sonnen did better than i thought but Silva came through in the end. Silva stood there in the 1st hands down letting sonnen land on him, that was crazy, i dont think we saw the best of silva, but Sonnen was spent.
  7. Maybe if Chael hadnt talked so much **** i would feel sorry for him..... nah he's a rebublican. TAP OUT.... thats right he tapped. Athough he out wrestled anderson for 20 something mins, he did little damage at the end of the day, he didnt even cut anderson. He did the same with marquarte but this fight was longer and he gassed. It was gonna happen eventually. As it stands Chael took more damage and lost the fight. Anderson seemed happy to get the sub, i guess the happy meal BJJ is better than his Div 1 wrestling, sonnen can eat his words for a while now. LMAO
  8. Clay via Dec. The carpenter is to much of an animal for Rafael, although wrestlers have been known to get sub'd every now and then Go the wild man!!
  9. Fitch by Decision, he already has a bonus 20% from Alves, should go nicely with the rest of the winnings Alves has been the same fighter for some time, nothing new and Fitch should have his measure in this one... again
  10. If roy nelson can get JDS down he will win this fight.... but i hope they do stand and trade which i would say is a 50/50 if they do. This should be a great fight.
  11. I hope Almeida puts a beat down on Hughes, and in doing so avenge all the Gracies followed by the Retirement of Hughes Almeida via submission or domination
  12. Sonnen will gas within 3, he's been running his mouth instead of training hard. When he does gas, silva will clown him for a while before scoring the TKO. the ref wont let anderson bash him for too long.... pity Silva via TKO in the 4th round
  13. Online is pretty bad, but ive got used to all the moves from building carrer fighters, this game has a better all round setup than the last. And its great to be able to customise your fighter with the techniques you want. That way you can use combo's you can train in real life and setup based on what controlles you want to use in game. The new ranges is the best part of the game, using the ranges and combo's allows you to strike at distance and change up in clinch range scored many KO with Left, right, uppercut combo. then sit back at range when they are stunned and land a big hook still havnt found a camp online but its hard to cover all the moves you need to be an all rounder in carrer mode. online aspect of the game is the biggest let down. most fighters quit or get disconnected during fights. cant wait for the EA sports version to come out to compare. can only hope that EA get it right online.
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