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  1. if Bonnar beat Silva..id be happy for the rest of my life.
  2. yeah, i thought that was genuinely generous from Bisping, he gave the guy an opportunity. He said you want to proove something to me? go for it. D
  3. its like Jesus forgiving people for thier sins I feel so warm and cuddly now. Dana :> "forgive me father for i have sinned" Jones "yes dana, you have, but i forgive you, the universe forgives you, my father GOD forgives you, now lets get naked together and take a picture for David Letterman so they can see my big f#@()$#@), #)($*#"
  4. its like he was the saviour of the Iraqi war by himself or something. They have pushed his marine thing a little to far. Its constantly like watching a The Pacific Tv series preview over and over and over and over..and personally the friggin marines shouldnt of even been in IRAQ until absolutely necessary in the first place.
  5. even if i was a Bisping hater, id still want Bisping to deck that guy.
  6. he doesnt allow children with plastic championship belts near him, theres no way hed allow this. P.S the girl in the car was 25 and they knew each other from School, just saying.
  7. Dan henderson would H-BOMB the Thresher Maw that H-Bombed the Reaper.
  8. dude....i would...LOVE to see Bonnar win. Not because im a Silva hater either.
  9. hes 8W 1L in his last 9 fights. Thats not bad at all and probably more deserving than Chael Sonnan was. Sonnan is 6W 3L Id rather have someone who is 8W1L fighting a champion than someone that is 6Wins 3Losses.
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