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  1. i think money can make anything happen in america and anderson would be severely outclassed on the ground, jones outclassed on the feet
  2. He fought Cain Velasquez. That's why he was defending himself the whole time 8-}
  3. I know you guys tried super duper hard to soup up the forums....but......no [-X
  4. Yeah I was simply mentioning the guy got sentenced, there's a report on CNN.com but I felt it best to not put any links on here. Plus I wanted to spread the word and let everyone find the goods for themselves in case anyone wasn't aware :cool:
  5. The guy got 10 years for hacking her email and sharing the pictures. I think I speak for everyone when I say this man took one for the team and should be welcomed like a hero upon his release
  6. and get a tattoo of his face on my face.
  7. Too soon for this rematch, probably a huge mistake. This one may turn out differently but it wouldn't surprise me if we relive the past come fight night... Win or lose I still think Cain needs to drop to 205
  8. I feel like being a best of all time requires winning
  9. CroCopped

    Penn looks pissed

    My heart is saying Penn, but my brain is screaming Rory
  10. CroCopped

    Anderson Silva

    Shut the **** up and fight a contender in your own weight class. Wanna call out GSP but you'll duck Jon Jones all day.
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