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  1. Silva wont fight Machida because he knows he will lose and he is far too in love with his godlike image. (ego..like tc said) hes ducking competition while running his mouth about it. Just because a man beats a man once doesnt automatically mean he will again. And why isnt he signing fights against upper level competition?? his last two title defences were a joke...and forest was knocked out..sure..but forrest is a fan favorite and not elite competition.
  2. So mir is training in how to NOT Fight...least ways how to not win any fights?? id rather see the hack roll him again then see him act like a no ball ***** *** loser. Champions finish fights..penn machida lesner all finished in their title defences. (offence in one case) Silva (in his last title defence) refused to engage a guy who refused to engage him...and GSP hasnt actually won a fight in how long?
  3. There should definately be a superheavyweight division...like 245+ ...reigning heavyweight at 220
  4. MMA is superior to these forms..because it is all these forms put together. The muay thai knees mixed with the karate kicks mixed with the boxing punches..its ALL martial arts evolved into one package..its adaptation and improvement to them. MMA in a street fight is much more effective then say a random martial art ..jeet kun do or tae kwon do. There is a reason police and military train in MMA..because its far superior to karate. to say one martial art is superior to another is just good conversation... to say one is better then itself fused with all others is ignorance. Remember what MMA stands for.
  5. while it is bllashpemous..im gonna agree with him...gsp sucks cause hes afraid to fight to win. id rather see arcane knight with that belt...atleast then the fight would finish..cause someone would knock him out.
  6. If anything..didnt silva leave pride cause the competition was too tough...flying leg scissor to heel hook anyone?
  7. ok arcaneknight ....that was just too over the top..is your job producing darker shades of black belts just to keep up with your own demand for them?
  8. This is becoming a real problem. Dana thinks the ufc is about him and not fighters or fans. proof...the cover of the ufc magazine?? You know the real reason Fedor wont sign with UFC is because DANA and his godcomplex saying all fighters must sign lifetime rights of their name and likeness to the ufc. He gave him sambo...he gave him k-1 advertising..did he even think of giving that?? I would love a shot in the spotlight..but at that cost?? Not even being able to be in a magazine or talk show or even a local carlot without danas **** up my ***? pass.
  9. I play. lightknightpete5 is my psn. i also play nba live and madden online..so anyone intrested add me/send a message
  10. the freestyle rules from backwhen were the best..i seventh the motion
  11. Im new to the sport...in fact what pulled me into the modern ufc was the hughes/gracie fight. But if i put something in my sig and cap it with no questions asked..does that make me omnipotent?? or make me immune to people calling me out on things?? this theory seems to have grounds on atleast letting me call everyone kid anyway. wait..what are we talkin bout...arcaneknight is an insult to the rest of us knight in our sn....can we hurt him??
  12. Didnt you just say WW was the weakest division in your GSP thread?? in either case..flawing you will come.no need for me to do that. They wont fight each other because they want to make it look like the brazilian legions rule the world and want them all to look undefeated and invincable...hiding the fact they are just too cowardice to sort out who really is the best..they want to upkeep their immortal image.
  13. GSP and Silva are the weakest champions we got right now. Did either finish their last two fights in the division?? champions win fights..not fight to not lose them..lets talk about someone relevant. BTW ..silva is too afraid to fight in his own weightclass....or else hed be a heavyweight...gsp fights where he belongs atleast.
  14. And what if we arent drunks?? I play cards sometimes...though the wife isnt fond of it...i hate hold em..would you people learn to play real poker already?
  15. While not attending any official gym..i work on my boxing/striking 3 or 4 days a week at my YMCA and shadowbox to pass time at work in my office. i grapple/wrestle with my nephews and cousins..and sometimes my wife. This may not seem like much..but is extremely beneficial in the end...the wreslting anyway. Me and my buddies spar our stuff once and a while..one of them is several levels into juijitsu..though i dont know where hes at now.
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