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  1. wow that really sucks. hope he is able to fight again
  2. you shouldn't underestimate chael, he is in fact a very good wrestler. he dominated both marquart and okami in recent fights. not saying he would beat anderson, but he definitely has the ability to and im not claiming that anderson isn't good. on the contrary, i know he is a great fighter but his level of competition is nowhere near good enough for people to say he is the p4p best ever and crap like that
  3. i was waiting for someone to mention hendo. yes hendo is an amzing wrestler, but a pretty poor striker (KO power does not constitute good striking). when hendo took him down, he did well. when he stood with anderson, he got rocked, dropped, and submitted. hence the reason i said a SMART wrestler, one who would not mess with anderson's striking, because most wrestlers are horrible strikers and regardless of what vitor has or hasn't done, he would have been the best striker anderson would have ever faced, someone who could match anderson in speed & power and yes, i think chael COULD (he has the ability to) beat anderson by using the same gameplan he did against nate, because anderson's wrestling and takedowns are pathetic
  4. the chances of Fedor coming to the UFC are the same as Anderson Silva vs GSP actually happening
  5. all the champs seem to be almost invincible right now. what do you believe is the best strategy to beat each champ? here's what i think Brock = basically he's huge and strong, wants to take you down. obviously easier said than done but IMO to beat brock one would have to take him down, at least initially, to keep him wary and also wear him down a bit. then trade with him Lyoto = ok regardless of who you think "really" won, machida is the current champ. to beat him one would have to take the fight to him and be agressive and not try and play his in-and-out dancing game Anderson = basically a middle school wrestler can take this guy down. and you probably dont want to get in an exchange with him. the problem is avoiding anderson's BJJ. one would have to take him down and control him, not just lay on him, and keep active and try to hurt anderson GSP = probably the only guy that doesnt really have any weaknesses. incredible athlete, explosive, crazy cardio. IMO one would have to clinch with GSP, because by closing the distance it eliminates most of his takedowns. GSP always times his shot perfectly when the other guy is throwing a strike, so this would partially eliminate that danger (partially because who can forget the throw he used against hughes) BJ = at 155 he is similar to GSP in that he has no clear weakness. the only way IMO to beat penn is to simply employ the GSP strategy of picking him up and putting him on the ground. however the only person that can probably pull that off at 155 is gleison tibau, and he can never string enough wins together to get a title shot what are your opinions?
  6. what a noob. its clearly mustafa al-turk. watch some MMA before posting, jeez
  7. i guess when GSP dropped alves with a punch twice at UFC 100 that doesnt count as standing....i wonder, what would you classify that as because they weren't on the ground when he punched him...hmm
  8. i agree i think he should fight junior dos santos after JDS demolishes gonzaga. then fight for the title
  9. the end of 2009 and a little of 2010 have been rather dull with fights not materializing due to fighters dropping out from injuries, movies, disagreements with the boss, etc. but these next few months look to be very bright indeed with a lot of title fights and interesting matchups taking place so here's how i see the upcoming months transpiring jon jones = beast. he will mop the floor with brany vera. junior dos santos will pick gonzaga apart with far superior striking. this will lead some to say the cain velasquez and JDS should fight, and the winner become #1 contender to fight mir/carwin/brock at the start of 2011 GSP rapes hardy on the ground and standing, demonstrating (surprisingly to some) that he is not only the best wrestler but also best striker in that division....many people will once again say that he should fight anderson but it wont happen. Ed Soares will tell Dana that anderson has had too many Big Macs and GSP is too small....Dana will agree because he is a b*tch thiago alves & jon fitch will have a war, and some will think the winner of that fight should get GSP next. others will say let some new blood in and they will back the winner of Daley/Kos Mir will talk more ****. becomes more arrogant as the fight looms closer. he will beat carwin by submission....fans will say cain should fight brock....dana says no, frank vs brock III makes me more money so frank is the number one contender anderson wins in an unimpressive way against an unimpressive opponent (maia) on an unimpressive night of fights. and then he still pretends to not speak english and ed soares comes and says some bs. BJ demolishes edgar, says he wants GSP again, and clear battle lines will once again be drawn between ****s and haters the UFC will sign gerard mousasi. people will be happy but still fins reason to complain that UFC didnt get Fedor. however fedor doesnt want to come, so suck it up. he's now in the waning years of his career and wants to end his career without a loss. he can only do this if he stays clear of the UFC heavyweights Shogun vs Machida II....the arguements haven't subsided since their fight so there's gonna be a lot of hype leading up to the rematch. the UFC will hype the living sh*t out of both fighters. they will say how close the first one was, was it shogun..was it machida...blah blah blah...then the fight. Shogun wins....he finishes machida throughout this time, mike goldberg keeps making stupid comments during fights, dana keeps hinting at a possible network deal, and rampage's A-team movie gains more hype as his fight draws near
  10. lyoto doesnt have enough power to finish shogun, his chin is too good and lyoto doesnt have legit one punch KO power (it took lyoto close to 6 punches on the button before he finished rashad & he dropped thiago twice before the final punch that had all his body weight behind it). that's not a knock against machida, some fighters have it (like rampage) and others just dont (like forrest) lyoto doesn't have the submission prowess to submit shogun. if the fight goes to the ground shogun immediately has the advantage, he's a much more accomplished BJJ practitioner a decision is the only way lyoto wins, but shogun (if he has any intelligence at all) will be more aggressive and finish off machida long before the final bell
  11. are you claiming that cain's demolition of noguiera was just one punch? have you seen the fight? cain completely dominated Nog in the stand-up and a KO was inevitable. that was no luck
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