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  1. I'm just wondering if Brock will get any respect if he beats Carwin in there upcoming bout? I personally like both of them as fighters but I find it pretty hard to believe that so many people hate Brock and think he's a horrible fighter. I have Brock actually winning this fight (say what you will) but I believe he's gonna. Post whether you like him or not and give me some input whether you think he will finally get a little respect like i believe he deserves?
  2. I never really write on these forums because half the things said are just embarrassing but I still can not understand why people underestimate Nelson. Yes he is fat I understand this but people saying he is slow and has no skills think again! You obviously have never seen him fight or just don't like him! he can move around better than most the heavyweights out there! Its okay if you would rather watch ripped fighters in nut huggers but the kid has skills.. I have Nelson winning this fight, and if it goes to the ground it is absolutely over... So think what you want but this is my opinion.
  3. Hahha I kno whe did so well against Lesnar, he'll never get the belt again and remember I said that. Carwin is going to crush him.. He is soo underrated its not even funny, Mir thinks hes gonna come out and destroy him, well he has another thing coming.
  4. Okay well 20 of fedors fights were 5 to 10 years ago maybe we will just not count those anymore either. People think of anything to hate brock and this comment is rediculous. ***
  5. cbrboy12

    What fights made u

    hahaha what is UfcDoWork Kimbo Slice or Kimbo Slices gay lover, who sticks up for someone so much that he fights people over the internet about it. ***
  6. If all you Fedor cheerleaders think that he is the almighty heavy weight why will he not come fight in the UFC.... I dont want to hear because it is not worth his time, because talk is VERY cheap. Yeah he is good and im not taking all his credit away but he would get beat by multiple HW in the UFC. Now lets see what all you have to day about this, there is absolutely no excuse for not fighting in the UFC other then ending his career in SHAME!! And for all you saying Strikeforce has better HW's your out of your ****ing mind, there mostly people who didnt make it in the UFC.
  7. I dont know who you are but you definetly have no idea what you are talking about. To say Nelson is a bad fighter you have no idea what your saying. He by far has the most skill out of all the other fighters... Just because hes fat doesnt mean hes bad *******! He wins everyfight becasue hes the best so for now on shut your mouth and get off this website if you dont have any idea what your talking about.
  8. I dont understand why people are ripping on roy so bad for his weight the truth of the matter is that he won every fight he was in and he is a good fighter.. I know all you losers making fun of him are probably 220 and deisel but no one cares what you think. So just get back to jerking it and shut the **** up!!!!
  9. McSweeney is a horrible fighter i dont know why he thinks he is so good. he has absolutly no skill and was lucky to beat Mitrione. He has some sort of complex were he thinks he is the man and actually knows how to fight. when he gets in trouble he jumps around like an ******* and gets flustered like a little girl... no way he wins the next fight...
  10. I have watched this whole season and many seasons before and im starting to really get sick of it. I just dont understand why Kimbo is the only fighter that they are planning on giving a second chance? In my opinion I feel there are a couple better fighters that lost and deserve a second chance before Kimbo. He showed no skill in his first fight and has never shown much skill in his MMA career, whats the deal?
  11. square pickle is exactly right Kimbo v Lesnar would not even be a fight. Lesnar has so much more training and skills compared to Kimbo that they would never even make it a fight. Lesnar is in his prime and he is basically unstoppable! I dont understand why people hate on him so much he seems like a good guy and he speaks the truth, sorry that some people dont like that but he tells it how it is.
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