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  1. DW has done a lot for the sport but since a few years he has become a major liability. The UFC has lost its credibility by becoming a popularity contest.
  2. ​ "If you need help as far as with boxing, I'm here to help you. It's all about timing and inches. Her ground game is unbelievable. She'll be OK." Pretty cool from Floyd. http://espn.go.com/mma/story/_/id/14152889/floyd-mayweather-defends-ronda-rousey-loss
  3. It was Machida's choice to fight at light heavyweight because he was scared of his friend's wrath. At any point over the past several years he could have told Anderson to stick it up his ****, changed camps and challenged for the title before Weidman was even in the promotion. It makes sense that the guy who fought above is weight class earning the title in the process and with a long career in the UFC should get some credit in the MW division. But sense does not appear to be your friend :/
  4. Question to the OP... for you should be a tought one Which of the 4 items does not belong? http://static3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080510204548/muppet/images/5/56/0276.tools.jpg">
  5. Stop make them victims, they are paid a lot and they should be able to handle critics. And your tennis argument is terrible, because they play 1 billion times a year, while MMA fighters actually fight 4 times at most. Fans pay a lot to watch their fights, and they should have the right to criticize. I agree that (we) fans are stupid and harsh sometimes, but stop whining about it, ffs. So given that tennis players have a million matches per year while MMA fighters only have about 4 fights a year shouldn't we cut more slack towards the figthers? With only 4 fights there is much room for randomness...
  6. At around 1:56 Rampage discusses that he sometimes has doubts about competing in MMA, specially just before a fight. Not because he is scared of being beaten up but because of the fans... "If you lose a fight they won't let you forget it..." In tennis the crowd almost always respects both players regardless of who wins... they are so happy to be witnessing the best players the sport has to offer. Why can't we have the same level of respect towards the sport we all love? It is really uncommon to hear a Federer's fan saying Nadal sucks and vice versa... I doubt there is any other sport that requires so much from the Athletes and were the fans give back so little. As an example: We all know GSP lost that fight but I respect him for leaving it all out there, for not giving up. I respect his skills and attitude even though I do not appreciate/like his style of fighting... And nothing takes away the fact that he is the best WW that has ever competed in MMA.
  7. Couture vs Vera was a terrible decision. It was the fight that made me think that something is very dodgy when it comes to these judges.
  8. Timing a flying knee when a TD comes in should be practice more often.
  9. Anderson et al. talking about the front kick In the end Machida recalls the front kick he delivered to Rich Franklin in Japan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hbqciuwzLM
  10. That question should have been asked March 1, 2008 after Anderson defeated Henderson. I have no hopes in any super fights
  11. Why do you think that just because someone is a great MMA fighter he or she would be a great athlete in any other sport??? Different skills are required for each sport. Anyway: They don't get paid by the amount of punishment they receive, they get paid (mostly) according to the revenue they produce and the bargaining power they posses. MMA is still not on par with many other mainstream sports and the UFC is the only serious player in the Market nowadays. Also, you do not have teams/clubs which need to dispute athletes' salaries and from which they can obtain higher gate revenues, better PPV deals, sponsoring, etc... The only place they "play" is the UFC octagon.
  12. Rua is one of my favourite fighters, but even if he beats Vera, he does not deserve a title shot. But regardless of being worthy, Jones would beat him up again easily.
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