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  1. Hey you queefer. You die in the Great Car Fire of 2020?

  2. Fred. Come back to us, son.

  3. Thats the truf I dont listen to mainstream rap
  4. Yea I remember when he first started posting here he was ****ing hilarious.. Then he started trying to talk **** to me in every other thread I post in and that got old quick
  5. lol are you serious??? How did I miss that one.. damn it
  6. lol you are going to sit there and try to tell me Mega hasn't gone balls deep in little johny on more than one occasion?
  7. Damn thats ****ed up... Martha cant cook for ****.. She came to my school when I was in my last year in culinary and she cooked for us.. It was ****ing awful.. she cant season food for ****
  8. None of that makes you a gangster rapper.... Being a gangster and being a rapper are two different things
  9. couldnt tell ya.. you should hear him try to rap.. its horrible
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