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  1. Thats the truf I dont listen to mainstream rap
  2. Yea I remember when he first started posting here he was ****ing hilarious.. Then he started trying to talk **** to me in every other thread I post in and that got old quick
  3. lol are you serious??? How did I miss that one.. damn it
  4. lol you are going to sit there and try to tell me Mega hasn't gone balls deep in little johny on more than one occasion?
  5. Damn thats ****ed up... Martha cant cook for ****.. She came to my school when I was in my last year in culinary and she cooked for us.. It was ****ing awful.. she cant season food for ****
  6. None of that makes you a gangster rapper.... Being a gangster and being a rapper are two different things
  7. couldnt tell ya.. you should hear him try to rap.. its horrible
  8. its funny how people that dont listen to rap think that everyone who raps thinks they are a gangster rapper... gangster rap is a very small genre that this idiot does not fit into
  9. didnt that guy rape some little boy or something hmm I wonder if Megasoup listens to this guy
  10. He is gangster I remember the first match of his that I saw... Check out Lucha season 1 Drago and Prince Puma are some of the best wrestlers I have ever seen
  11. ok... and you follow me around just to talk **** to me.. and I never pretended like nothing happened.. all the members that I felt really needed an apology got one.. If you are going to be butt hurt about something that happened what like two years ago to someone you dont even like.. why even waste your time?? I mean come on you made threads about pants sizes.. I dont try to find your posts just to talk **** to you about that
  12. i wouldn't say I pretend like nothing happened but that being said I can also let things go and not be stuck following someone around on a forum talking **** like its going to change anything.. and I actually like TUF I am just messing with him where you are bothered by something I posted a few years ago or something.... good work bud
  13. You still haven't figured out how to spell forum even after I have showed you so many times
  14. Its the dopest I am glad you finally decided to check it out.. Now you have to check out Lucha Underground
  15. lol I am doing the same thing!!!... Me and my lady watched the first two episodes then said **** it we will just wait till its all out
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