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  1. Who's going to take over when Vince kicks the bucket?? Stephanie?? lol
  2. Weve got too much new and improved talent appearing in the ufc nowadays, all the divisions are starting to stck up, and in the past fights for the "old school" of the ufc have showed that nowadays - The new school is too much for them. Its time to give it up....maybe not everyone yet, but fighters like Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Mark Coleman, Phil Baroni, Wanderlei Silva, Cro Cop should all call it a day and stop kidding themselves. They can't hang with the likes of Anderson Silva, Gsp, Lyoto Machida, Brock Lesnar etc... and the rest...not to mention the new breed's like Rumble, Jon Jones and the rest of the up and coming fighters who are making thier mark in the ufc. Thanks for the memories guys, but time to move over.....
  3. Mate, sorry to tell you, Dana white and the Fertitta bros. have already got it branded a sport...a good few years ago now... go back to bed.....lol
  4. Randy and Hendo are former training parters and good friends, they will never fight...
  5. I hated him on ultimate fighter, but now.. in the last 5 years, his performances have made me really really like him. He's turned his style from solely wrestling, to one of the most well-rounded fighters in the welterweight division. Love it!
  6. I can safely say, even though i don't like it, but the time of the old school of ufc don't have a place anymore. It's true.... Mma has evolved, fighters like Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Mark coleman, Wanderlei Silva, Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes, Frank Trigg, Phil Baroni, Mirko Cro Cop, Frank Mir....and most other fighters who helped get mma and ufc to where it is today should step back and make way for the more younger, promising fighters that are ruleing the cards and showing the EVOLUTION OF MMA.... The fighters of yesterday stopped learning, and when you stop learning it's over. Matt Hughes will not stand a chance in a years time by using ONLY wrestling. Chuck Liddell won't stand a chance (as we've seen) by throwing looping overhand rights every fight. Mirko Cro cop won't stand a chance by setting up his big left kick anymore. Tito won't get far by trying to out power his opponents on the ground.... Most of the old school that are still fighting haven't got a chance against the talent that they will be facing in the octagon these days, the only old school members still left that i personaly think will be able to mix it up with the younger, evolved generation of fighters is DAN HENDERSON. Henderson has showed he has'nt stopped learning, he's well rounded, tough and can cut it with the top dogs at middleweight. The reason why i'm saying this is because i hate seeing my favorite fighters of all-time coming in and getting dominated by the new, well-rounded fighters we have in mma. I've got to admit tho, i'm looking forward to the return of the likes of Tito, Chuck (yes, he will be back)..Randy fighting at light-heavy, Wanderlei Silva, Matt Hughes....i can't wai to see them, but i hate to see them get humiliated by getting dominated. Its got nothing to do with age, they've simply stopped learning and have stuck to what got them to the top for those many years.....but what they are sticking with doesnt match fighters of today who have fresh, new, well-rounded skills, who are tactical and intelligent in what they do. The time is up....
  7. People that boo fights in mma are the people who don't have a clue what mma is all about. They want to see a slugfest (as do we all) but to boo a great ju-jitsu battle or boo a fight where the fighters have'nt thrown a punch in the first 30 seconds because the fighters are feeling each other out is just the people who know absolutly nothing about mma.
  8. ha ha ha ha ha....i just pictured Wanderlei Silva in a movie with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha - are you talking to me?? say hello to my little friend....
  9. Anyone think any other fighters in ufc will turn thier back on the sport and turn to acting??
  10. who gives a ****, they out sold mma in one card, they'll only do it two or three times more when other big fighters are fighting - like Pacquiao, Mayweather and who ever else is in boxing these days (could'nt care less).... Remember, alot of people don't know what mma is all about, thats why they slate it! More and more are jumping on the band wagon every day...boxing will die, the big name fighters they have right now, will be the big fighters they will ever have, after that....it's ovaaaaa!!
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