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  1. Bwahaha, I've noticed Ivermectin is the active ingredient in HeartGuard, which I give my dog in monthly doses for the avoidance of heartworms and whipwoms.
  2. Peart Bonzo Moon the Loon Carl Palmer Bruford
  3. Damn, no more Hattori Hanzo swords or sushi. RIP Sonny Chiba, who passed away Thursday at 82. He was being treated for 'rona since August 8th. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/19/movies/sonny-chiba-dead.html
  4. Put the tacos down, Fatselum. Also, lol the Uncle Creepy 'stache on Vinc Pichel.
  5. Beast wins. Stipe loses to Jones. By some miracle Lewis ktfo's Ngannou. Beast vs Bones, who ya got?
  6. Allegedly, Algerian taekwondo team member found out 2nd fight was against an Israeli. Since he supports the Palestinians, the Algerian refuses to fight him. Both the team member and his individual coach had their credentials pulled and were sent packing and home.
  7. https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/ufc/amanda-nunes-vs-julianna-pena-scratched-from-ufc-265/ Say stupid chit below.
  8. And while we're at it, enough of that moron Steven azzhole Smith. Guy is annoying af
  9. Pfft. Doctors office called this morning, Doc had some sort of emergency, cancelled his entire appointment list, yours truly included. Been feeling better, temperature back down to normal. A little achy, but that my just be Arthur Itis, that chit happens at 70 y.o. Fook it, maybe a Yeunglng tall boy and 2 or 3 stiif shots of Armagnac will do me some good.
  10. Out of circulation for the past week, got whacked with some bug last Thursday night, aches, fever, and shaking from chills like a Parkinson's tremor. Temperature spiked to 102.3 last Friday morning. Doctor had me come in to test for 'rona. Up and down since, no energy and not much appetite. Back to doctor tomorrow afternoon for follow-up. I had the Hong Kong Flu in '69, whatever this chit is, it's 10 times worse.
  11. Got that chit in Detroit, been there for decades.
  12. Local level reparations: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/illinois-city-1st-us-pay-reparations-blacks-76621093
  13. Bwahaha, Montreal bodies Loseipeg.
  14. Ngannou, Miocic, Lewis; either one would be a problem for Jones.
  15. Only way that happens is get MMA of that fookin stream service.
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