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  1. 91°F, 60% humidity, feels like reading of 103° here in South FL. Tbank God for a/c and cold beer.
  2. Not sure if this will post, but something local for us http://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-florida-coronavirus-deaths-cases-saturday-june-27-20200627-eiheh4q3argklatnccptnzjlpi-story.html#nt=screamer
  3. Was scrolling through comments on my homepage and came across some m8 with the board name "aocscrubsmy toilets", nearly pissed myself I was laughing so hard.
  4. pjbear05

    RIP Uriah Hall

    BWAHAHA, you know his lawyer is taking at least 20% of that purse-and likely a fat lot more!
  5. Next time, stay out of Taco Bell. That place will murder your a nuz.
  6. If Kebab gets the hands, the next 23 won't happen.
  7. Retires to the land of 3 pieces and sides.
  8. Bwahaha, she'd probably beat his azz, too.
  9. Is Baldy deliberately trying to fook this up? I say pay Masvidal and let 'em bang. Who else wants this to happen?
  10. And this is something new? Pulleez!
  11. pjbear05

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Lighten up, Francis. Work on a chance for the HW strap. Jonny Bones will keep on running from you forever.
  12. Lol Audrey, Iommi DID NOT play an SG. It only looked like one.
  13. pjbear05

    UFC Memories

    Nothing more pleasing than "Young man. Young man. You got knocked the f*** out!" Top 3, imho. Henderson/Bisping 1 Masvidal/Askren Evans/Lidell
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