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  1. Just finished Do You Feel Like I Do, Peter Frampton's autobiography/memoir. Five stars. One of the better rock biographies. Includes a running story on the loss and eventual recovery of The Phenix, his iconic '54 triple pickup Les Paul.
  2. Don't doubt Uncle Sam taking a shot. Former Manhattan Federal District Attorney Preet Bharara will find some chit to stir up, and advise the Feds.
  3. She wants protection. Good luck, jailbird: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/ghislaine-maxwell-seeks-protection-by-armed-guards-in-24285-million-bail-package/ar-BB1bWQol?ocid=uxbndlbing
  4. Don't forget Maury and Lauren Lake's Paternity Court.
  5. So Donnie Orangeman says he's going to Mar-A-Lago for the holidays and not come back to DC? Aw, I wanted to see a posse of U.S. Marshals frog marching his azz out of 1600 Penn Ave. NW.
  6. As badly as the Brits used to get screwed trying to get into the Common Market bitd, you think they would have learned their lesson.
  7. Probably fulfilling a contract. I'm wondering if JDS is doing the same thing.
  8. Sounds like Animals As Leaders.
  9. Thank God the only thing I wasted on this trash was DVR space, which I then erased.
  10. Nothing bogus Elon, that blunt hit you took on the JRE finally took effect.
  11. You think that's bad, wait until Biden restructures the Department of Justice. Especially in the Manhattan Federal Court District, Drumpf's old stomping grounds. It'll be Preet Bharara's Revenge (former US Attorney for Manhattan District, fired by Drumpf when he refused to resign).
  12. Green Bay Packers great Paul "Golden Boy" Hornung, who was running over the Lions bitd when they were halfway decent. Howcum da fook Bret Favre's number is retired in GB and Hornung's isn't? Smh.
  13. Fook dat chit! I'm in an area that has a sewerage system, but two blocks away folks have septic tanks. God only knows what's in that water. The river is gone now, and most of the streets are clear, but private parking lots around stores and shops are still a mess. We had what was called a "hundred year flooding event" in the area, but thankfully no damage to the house or loss of power the entire time. Eta is back to hurricane strength and about to take a shot at the Tampa Bay area. Stay safe, folks!
  14. Got tagged by Eta yesterday, so my street plus the area from my sidewalk to my neighbor across the street's sidewalk is one big river. A small tree branch was taken down, and part of a screen from my screened in back patio blew loose, but that was it. No damage to the house itself, thank goodness. I may be stuck in the house today and tomorrow, but I'm stocked up.
  15. "Ling Ting Tong gonna sing that song sayin' 'I smokem boo I yay, I smokem boo'."
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