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  1. And this is something new? Pulleez!
  2. pjbear05

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Lighten up, Francis. Work on a chance for the HW strap. Jonny Bones will keep on running from you forever.
  3. Lol Audrey, Iommi DID NOT play an SG. It only looked like one.
  4. pjbear05

    UFC Memories

    Nothing more pleasing than "Young man. Young man. You got knocked the f*** out!" Top 3, imho. Henderson/Bisping 1 Masvidal/Askren Evans/Lidell
  5. Feh, nobody PED'ed like the East Germans. Steroids, that's equivalent to Near Beer. The EG's were jolting 14 year olds with equine (horse) growth hormone. Remember the'76 EG wimmens (?) swim team?
  6. Good thing I don't bet on this chit, would gone 1 for 5 on a one point difference by one judge (for Oleinik). Based on that, and other chit going on im my life, I may be done here for a while. Later, m8s!
  7. Never was a fan of GSP, but the man is the GOAT. What took U Fight Cheap so long?
  8. No Dong Un dead (?) https://w24n.com/north-korean-officials-confirm-death-of-leader-kim-jong-un/
  9. Nah, I'm good, no help needed, thanks. It's just that bars do huge business broadcasting the PPV's, and with this virus chit going on, they're up against it. That include sports bar chains like Miller's Ale House and Buffalo Wild Wings; most of those locations show the bouts, and I go to a local Miller's for them and a lot of other events. Fook, you should see the live camera sites of Las Vegas with The Strip, Downtown, and the casinos closed. I rate that a D-for depressing.
  10. Toojay's, a chain of delis with 15 locations in South FL and another 15 in other parts of the state, filed for Chapter 11 protection yesterday, citing loss of revenue from no business due to Coronavirus. I've been in 5 or 6 of them, and while they do carry out, most of their biz is sit down. Smh!
  11. ...and how many bars are going to be open and broacasting this, under unsocial distancing protocols? Baldy and ESPN+ have everybody over a barrel, get the service or you're fooked. Where's that laughing Dana image when you need it?
  12. John at his best. Chit, I'm hungry!
  13. Nah, he's just motivating wehnkers like Chicken Kebab to stay out of the Octagon.
  14. Must be one nice cat if you mean to shoot some mofo trying to steal it.
  15. BWAHAHA, I have a number of fighters in THAT category!
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