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  1. blasterP

    Kimbo vs herring

    Herring has just too much experience in the game right now for Kimbo...
  2. Just wondering who u guys think are the 3 best ground n pounders in LW division. My favs are Florian, Maynard and Guida...
  3. Real true fans should stick with their fighter or fighters through thick n thin.
  4. blasterP


    GSP is a true fight technician and really thinks out his fight game to win his fights. I agree he may not at times be as exciting to watch as some fighters but he is sheer precision all the way through to the end of his fights.
  5. Bones looks to be the up n comer with the most potential that I have seen in quite a while. Look how he dismantled Hamill who was a great wrestler and good all around fighter.
  6. blasterP

    Even though

    UFC 107 in Memphis will be probably be the best fight card of 2009 period!
  7. I think that Jardine would make a great opponent for Bones since Jardine is unorthodox as well in his striking and his moves.
  8. I hope that Sanchez and Guida both win their fights because those two guys are so exciting to watch since they really go all out with their aggression, heart and cardio. I know that Sanchez is a better striker than Guida but Guida is great on the ground bullying his way in ground n pound. A rematch would be great since the first fight was a close fight with a split decision for Sanchez and went the distance, There needs to be a knockout or a submission the next time around if the fight ever happens! Comments on this?
  9. I really like the Crucifix position which enables a fighter to use most of his body weight to pin down the arms and legs of his opponent to make them useless so the fighter can tee off at his opponents head to cause a stoppage in the fight. Hughes used it to great effect to beat Penn and Big Country used it to finish off several of his opponents. What do u guys think about that position and what are your favorites to finish off a fighter?
  10. I heard President Kennedy was killed by an assasins bullet! Is it true? I need help to figure it out.
  11. Rampage has a good sense of humor but was a horrible coach on TUF.
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