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  1. I predict Wes Sims will win. Your pick now that you have seen and know the fighters?
  2. I heard Florian correct Goldberg several times. One that I can remember is MG-"He now moves into side control" KF-"Thats a half guard" MG-"Thats right, Iam sorry" (might not be exact but its along the same lines)
  3. Brock Lesnar : Who will beat him? - Nobody Georges St-pierre : should move up weight class yes or no? - No Anderson Silva : Retire undefated in ufc yes or no? - Yes Rampage : Future champ or Future oscar award? - Neither Bisping : Overated or Great? - Overated Kimbo : Chump or Fighter? - Fighter but not a Mixed Martial Artist Chuck dancing : Good or Bad? - BAD Chuck returning to octagon : right or wrong? -right Randy Couture : Should he still be fighting? - NO Tito Ortiz : Legend or punk? - Legendary Punk Dana : great buisness man or Money Fuelled? - Both Machida : Amazing or boring? - Amazing Next title to change hands? - Middleweight next confirmed fight your looking forward to most? - Machida/Shogun Who will win that fight? - Machida How many people have you got into watching ufc? - A few What was the first fight you ever saw? - Cro Cop vs Gonzaga What you think of this thread? - Lame
  4. Name calling on a forum is just pathetic, anyone can be a tough guy through their computer screen. Now back to Huerta/Maynard. Iam not questioning that Maynard didnt perform well. I just thought that Huerta was the overall winner. I didnt think I would be called a "crack addict", "a brick throwing retard" and that i "didnt watch the fight". This is a forum where all rational opinions are welcome. Be a little more mature will ya?
  5. awesome1AIW

    Huerta Screwjob

    Huerta was totaly robbed of that fight. He won the first and second rounds then lost the third. The judges obviously had it out for him, that was almost as bad as the Bisping and Hammil score judging. Its obvios that the UFC didnt want Huerta to whoop one of their top undefeated LWs and then leave. Its truly sickening.
  6. Yeah, I look forward to it every week.
  7. Coleman: "If I just hug him a little more I can get a decision"
  8. Fav fighter(s)? - Brock, Machida, Henderson, Swick, Guida Pound 4 pound? - Fedor Emelianenko Next 3 for hall of fame? - Matt Hughes, Evan Tanner, Jens Pulver Worst Fighter? - Matt Serra Worst champion? - Frank Mir, Rashad Evans, Matt Serra Future champion? - Mike Swick Bring back to ufc? - Thales Leites Overated? - Frank Mir, Rashad Evans, Matt Serra Hate? - Frank Mir, Rashad Evans, Matt Serra Ugliest? - Frank Mir Gayest? - Michael Bising Best Ultimate fighter winner? - Forrest Griffin Fav brit? - Paul Taylor Fav brazilian? - Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida
  9. Best wrestler: Dan Henderson Best Jiu jitsu: Minotauro Nogueira Best hands: Lyoto Machida Best Kicks: Mirko Cro Cop Fav ever fight: Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg 2 Fav ever card: UFC 100 Fav ever Knockout: Rory Markham KO's Brodie Farber via Head Kick Fav weight division: Lightheavyweight Ground or standing: Standing Tapout or knockout: KO Arm bar or Triangle: Armbar Chuck or Randy: Chuck A.Silva or GSP: GSP most overated fighter: Rashad Evans, Frank Mir, Matt Serra most underated fighter: Mike Swick Bring back to ufc: Thales Leites Let go from ufc: Mustapha Al Turk Next title to change hands: Middleweight Tito for hall of fame??: Yes! Fedor, ledend or punk?: Legend Fight you want the most: Mike Swick vs GSP
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